Madison Green

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Madison Green

"Everyone deserves someone to love, and it is my job to find that Perfect someone."

OOC Information


Player: Evelyn Miller

Player Email: Madison Green

Storyteller: Vic Levandoski

Storyteller Email: VST APOCOLYPSE

Location: Bloomington, IL



NOTE: This is OOC and usable to fit in background ties.

  • 1993 – born in Macon, GA
  • 2003 – began duties to help the Sept of the Raging Blood.
  • 2008 – (Nov) Sept of the Raging Blood and Caern at the Ocmulgee Mound Complex are destroyed. Most garou die in last stand except for cubs and cliath that are told to flee with Ashley "Many Faces" Greene, Den Parent. Madison and her friends are delivered to Lord Silverheart
  • 2010 – Started college to focus on psychiatry/fertility clinic
  • 2014 – Graduated with BA
  • 2016 – Study Abroad and Graduate School of Psychology at Univeristy of Paris in Psychology – focus in Fertility (DPOTM: 2017-02-WtA-1732-121)