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"Follow your heart, until it betrays you."


Name: Madison Walsh
Tribe: Silver Fang
Auspice: None. Kinfolk born under Gibbous Moon.
Location: Currently Unknown. Last Known Location was near Richmond.

Notable Traits:

- Heroic Lineage (House Unbreakable Hearth, Ashes on Ivory)
- Plays up a mean girl attitude.
- Always got a bit of paint or charcoal on her fingertips and such.
- Fame 4 among artists, especially painters. Madison is known for her lifelike paintings, and has been involved with theaters, actors, directors and others in creating works for their public images. Her stand-alone works involve great depictions of fantastical scenes, amazing creatures, and solemn heroes. Among the Nation, she has painted several pieces of Heroes, Tales, and Battles.



Maddie wears the demeanor of a 'mean girl', looking down her nose at people and generally being fairly distant. Though she's gotten close to a few people over the years, it never seems to hold out in the long run. Behind her bitch of an exterior, there's a person who hates to see pain similar to her own in others, and an artist with a passion for spreading vibrant and extravagant tales through her paintings.
It may not seem a far cry to call Maddie spoiled, her Silver Fang family being one that didn't leave her with much to want for. Though she struggled for a short time at the beginning of her career, she is thriving now. She sometimes takes on a certain air of 'I do what I want'.
She is thoroughly of the belief that her family cares little for her own passions and desires, preferring that she give up her whims and settle down. Her general response to this is to ensure that she peppers in things to irritate them any time she gets sent off somewhere at their bidding.

Appearance Madison stands about 5'7", appearing to be in her mid to late twenties. When dressed up, she generally tries to maintain the air of someone with high confidence and low tolerance. She wears business attire, little black dresses, and gowns that tend to flash just enough skin. In more relaxed settings, she can generally be found in jeans or shorts, shirts that breathe well, and boots or running shoes.



- Madison has painted dozens of portraits of packs and totems, and her services are highly in demand for spirit shrines.
- Some times, spirits come OUT of the painting!
- I heard some times she goes into like, a trance, and paints the future! It's like that dude from Heroes!
- For all her being bitter and angry, she's somehow become the voice of reason among even more angry Kin.
- Can drink her weight in chai iced tea.
- Is well-versed in classical music.
- (Feel free to add your own)



- "It's a bit strange, though our tribes are different, I see in her many things that we pride ourselves in our own tribe. Others say she is cruel. Perhaps they do not know the difference between strength and cruelty." - Sylvi Anker
- "Nothing that I could say of her would speak louder or more insightfully than her work does. She brings to life what few Kin could even credit as true." - Ambrose Silverheart
- "There is a certain poise that marks kin to Falcon. Regardless of appearance, situation, company - there is something indefinable that makes them stand out to the eye. To stand out among that august group is noteworthy. To do it with such effortless grace is nothing short of remarkable." - Tenebrous Harmony
- "Capable, diligent, passionate - and, most importantly, proactive. You want her in your corner." - Harper Fitzgerald
- "Maddison and I have had reason to rub shoulders in the past. I'm a fan of her work and it was good to see her at the Concolation even if it was to discuss such a serious matter at the kinfolk meeting." - Catalin Corbeanu
- "Madison seems to be more useful than some Garou or Fera I know even though she is a Kinfolk. She is the rare exception I give to allow Kinfolk to participate in missions." - Lalawethika Greymist aka Winter's Song
- "When your own kin abandons you for another, perhaps you should ask the simplest of questions: 'Why?' Maybe once Unbreakable Hearth looks deeper, they will find the sickness that has settled into their core." - Morena's Lament
- "She has a good potential and is quietly competent. She doesn't seem to be a frivolous youngster and knows how far her skills can take her, without having to be violent about it I hope"... Annika
- "She seems to have a good heart. I eagerly await to see her piece to commemorate Gerards life. I also hope her Sept treats her with the respect she deserves."... Jason Rykr
- "We knew each other in a different world, a world of surf and stones... a world that has passed. The stones are still standing there when we look back, but they no longer sing."... Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat
- "I never expected to find someone who could do justice to the time I drop-kicked a Pentex boss off the Space Needle, but, there Maddie was, with her paints and her painter's heart."... 'Spector
- "There but for the grace of a Glass Walker go I... May you one day find freedom from the chains that bind you. Somehow, on your own terms." Ex Machina
- "She is loyal to her family and serves the Nation as anyone might hope to, kinfolk or otherwise. It is clear she comes from Galliards, for there is fire in her speech and art. She has every right to be proud of all she has done." Duskcaller
- "My cousin has an artist's soul with all the trouble and blessings that come with it. You should see some of the things she made when she was younger..." Thaddeus Alastair Krane
- "She's incredibly good, and she's even more helpful. Probably the strongest voice of reason of us, hell, I know it's not me. Her art? I can only hope to aspire to reach her talent." Amber Lauren
- "She seems weighed by tradition, but in a way, we all are bound in chains to them. I'm a fan of learning the hard way. I hope she can find happiness, she deserves it." Amber Lauren
- "Sometimes Gaia provides a friend who is worth more than the world. I wish we would have met earlier in life." - Elizabeth Tvarivich
- "Your Quote Here." - Your Name Here



- Iakov : Think I Made a Mistake.
- Amelia : I'll Always Be Here.
- Nikolai Tvarivich : It's Complicated.
- Esme : Amelia's Big Sister.
- Astrid : Amelia's Sister, and a close friend.
- Aiden D'Arcy: Old Friend From New York.
- Keali’i Bishop : Has an Interesting Take on Ahroun.
- Mother of Fera : Kindness in an Ahroun.
- Vera Fay-Blair : Fellow Kinfolk, Black Fury. Drinking buddy.
- Victor Garren: You have my attention.
- Brenda 'Motherboard Murder' : Met Through Iakov, Hacker Bird is Cool.
- Aron LaCoix - Wish I Could Have Been More Help.
- Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat - A Childhood Friend at the Seashore.
- 'Spector - Drinking buddy. Motivated Kin. Troublemaker.
- Catalin Corbeanu - Fellow motivated Kin.
- Alistair Cross - Taught me respect for the spirits.
- Elizabeth Tvarivich Motivated Kin. She's become like a sister to me.


- Ashes on Ivory : Grandfather on Mother's side. Went a bit whack in the head after hunting Vampires finally took its toll.
- Alyona Walsh : Deeded Falcon's Song, Adren Galliard. Mother. Died in battle in 2014.
- Malcom Walsh : Yeah, that's my Dad. Yeah, everyone says we're a lot alike, probably why we butt heads so much.
- Thaddeus Alastair Krane : Cousin on my Mother's side.


- Nikolai Tvarivich : I Did Say It Was Complicated


- May 16, 1989: Maddie is born on the estate where she will spend her younger years.
- 1989-2005: Esme (Katie Schill-Nance), Maddie, and Amelia (Nikki Fox) live on the same estate and go to the same school. Maddie's father is in the fealty chain beneath Amelia's.
- 1996: Esme, Amelia, and Maddie are sent to a Boarding School in France.
- 2000: Amelia’s parents send another daughter, Astrid, to the same boarding school in France. She is quickly pulled under wing by Esme and Amelia.
- 2003: Started dating, including the beginning of her romance with Amelia. It is kept quiet for a while before finally being discovered by their parents.
- 2005: Brought home from Boarding School in France.
- 2005-2007: Amelia’s parents attempt to mate her with older males, but the pairings never quite seem to work out.
- 2007: Amelia is matched to Nikolai, in Russia at the time, and Maddie's Visa is denied at first in attempting to join her.
- Early 2008: Maddie finally manages to get out to Russia. Nikolai’s cousin, in an attempt to drive a wedge into things, begins hitting on Maddie shortly after she arrives in Russia.
- Mid 2008: After a time, Amelia grows closer with Nikolai, leaving Maddie feeling abandoned. Maddie tries to hold out, but ends up leaving a few short months after she arrived.
- Early 2009: Amelia's father funds Maddie’s first foray into New York, striking a deal with her... which she breaks.
- Mid 2009: Before the year is through, Maddie moves in with Amelia and Nikolai. The situation is tense, and it's obvious things aren't going quite the way anyone would like.
- Late 2009 into 2010: Maddie decides to move out. Amelia soon after gets pregnant with her first child. Maddie talks about a brief visit, but is convinced to head back to New York instead. Maddie is named as the Godmother of the child born to Nikolai and Amelia.
- 2010: In New York, Maddie meets a Fianna Ragabash by the name of Aiden (Peter Camche), and begins hanging around him and his crew for a bit, exploring some of the lesser known sections of New York.
- Late 2010: Maddie heads out to Russia to meet the new baby. She only stays for a month or two before heading back to New York.
- 2011: Maddie meest a Ratkin Warrior by the name of Iakov (Nate Thurston) in New York. She spends a good bit of time around him and his people for the next several years.
- 2011-2013: Maddie’s paintings gain popularity in the area, and word of her talents begins to spread. Her pieces begin to appear in galleries not just in New York, but in neighboring areas as well.
- Late 2011: Maddie starts spending oocasional nights out with an odd crowd. She is often tired for days after these outings, up until her new 'friends' disappear.
- Early 2012: Amelia’s mother buys up several pieces of artwork from Maddie, but refuses to display them at any time after purchasing them. Between this and several other sales of her art that begin springing up throughout the galleries and online mediums she’s using, she moves from starving artist to thriving.
- Mid 2012: Maddie begins having meetings with Pavel Vasilisev (Justin) to hear tales and stories of his past as inspiration for some of her works. She has continued occasionally visiting with him and Astrid - who is now his mate - over the past few years to continue hearing tales.
- August 2014: Maddie's mother dies in battle. Her father started going on expensive trips, golfing, buying new houses, etc. They just... don't talk about it.
- Late 2014: Maddie begins traveling the states, especially along the Eastern Coast but occasionally branching into other areas as well. Her intent is to present showings in various Art Galleries, and to meet with Garou, Fera, and Kinfolk across the Nation to hear of their heroes, great tales, and other subjects to put onto canvas.
- November 2014: Maddie travels to Albuquerque to meet with one Keali’i Bishop (Tai Olguin) - Seized the Vor - who is said to be a Silver Fang Klaive Duelist with an interesting take on the role of the Ahroun. It is his belief that their role is to master the craft of warfare to be examples for others to strive to emulate. After sitting in on one of his classes, Maddie approaches Keali’i to better explain his views himself, and asks for the privilege of putting them into artistic form on canvas for himself and other Garou. While in the area, she makes a few calls and gets a couple of her other paintings into a local gallery.
- January 2015: Maddie travels to Macon, Georgia after hearing of the Caern raising that happened in the last year. She gets injured in the area, and spends a few weeks in the Sanctuary run by Magda Ricker, Mother of Fera (Adren CoG Ahroun, Pherell Archer). She asks for the tale of the Caern raising while she is there, and proceeds to create a mural of the story.
- October/November 2015: Acts as Maid of Honor for Vera Fay-Blair (Apryl Songer, BF Kinfolk) in her wedding to Jo in Cancun.
- November 2015: Maddie moves into a condo in Virginia, not far from the territory where (Justin), Nikolai, and Amelia have taken up residence. She slowly begins interacting with them a bit more when she’s around, but keeps her personal life fairly private. She gets in touch with some of the local galleries and art schools; begins displaying her work and takes up a role as a local educator.
- December 2015: Opens her own gallery in the area, and displays both her work and the work of local aspiring artists.
- August 15, 2016: Attends the planting of the Caern Seed in Puerto Rico. After the day is won, she gathered stories from those present of their views and parts in the battles and rituals, crafting a series of paintings to create a mural of that day for the Sept. She ultimately passed the paintings over to for safekeeping. Among those she spoke with are Red 'Whispers of Lucent Twilight' Igorivich, ...

(tentative) 2016: Aron Lacoix visits with Maddie, but leaves without whatever he'd hoped for.

- Mid/Late 2016: Meets with Victor (Ahroun Silver Fang, Pat Gerrity) to hear his story when she hears that he has resurfaced in society. The tale he tells her upon her first visit is one of how he went after a Fomori who was luring men and devouring them, the time where she turned the tables and almost overpowered him, and how he ultimately gained victory and gained victory in removing her. Maddie has visited with him several times over the past few months.
- October/November 2017: Helped lead an initiative of (mostly) Kinfolk on a mission against Dynatron and one of their holdings in the East Central.
- October 2017: Assisted in an initiative against Endron in the Southeast.




Player: Liz N
MES Number: US2010076348
Tribe: Silver Fang
Auspice: None, Kinfolk
IC City:
VST: [ VST Matt
Coordinator: DC Josh H