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Name: Unknown
Alias: Maestro
Clan: Nosferatu


OOC Info

Location: New York City
Storyteller: Marshall C.
Player Email: Matt Wood



  • Gran





  • Acknowledged by the Praxis of New York City
  • Confirmed, Established, Privileged by Blood
  • Noble as Primogen
  • Loyal by Prince Rider
  • Courageous by Prince Rider
  • Courteous by Master Harpy Leon
  • Honorable by James Marlow



Maestro's features change slightly every gathering. He has started to not care as much about his appearance. This is probably attributed to his sire's lack of care in theirs. There are some consistences each night. He will always seem of Mediterranean stock, and always male. He will also stand out as tall. Maestro has a pin of some type upon him. There seems to be a large collection that change nightly. Sometimes they even give a clue as to the Elder's mood. Lastly Maestro will always have a set of overly large glasses. They make his eyes seem larger then they naturally are. Maestro has an unnerving way of tilting his head sometimes as he stares someone down or examines an item or situation. It can give him a not so human feel.

Maestro will almost always be dressing in something that has a hood. For those that know him this is a relatively new addition. This changed happened after 2006. Maestro tries to have his appearance neat, but it does tend to be a mixture of styles as he has not managed to keep up with the current fashion trends.

Maestro is a low key Nosferatu Elder, for all that it means. He loves information. While not at the founding of the Camarilla he joined the sect very early and has been a strong supporter of it ever since. Maestro is comfortable talking to just about anyone, regardless of sect or age. His only request is that it's done with a moderate amount of civility. So if you're going to tell someone off it's best to start the sentence with "Begging your parden but..."

Maestro has been known to mediate difficult deals, be they treaties, marriages, feuds or alliances. He is known to be able to keenly see all sides of an issue and come up with a solution. It might not be one that everyone likes, but it will be one that everyone can get behind and support.



  • Maestro is a Toreador infiltrator.
  • Someone is very, very unhappy that Maestro disappeared. That someone is looking to do something about it.


  • "If you're going to insult them, at least do it with class and style."
  • "Dear, Language please!"
  • "If you're going to tell them to go fuck themselves please remember that they are an elder and add sir to the end of the declaration."


Ties Sought

Contacts, information traders, allies.


  • (it's horrible but) Archon Raine from Kindred the Embraced.
  • Dumbledore
  • Winston-john wick 1 & 2

Other PCs

Apocalypse: Dr. Smith
Space: Cato