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Maeve Odobleja
What does it mean to be a Person? What does it mean to be Real?

Common Knowledge

Name: Maeve Odobleja
Clan: Tzimisce Kuldon
Generation: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
Lineage: House Vratislav
Sect: Sabbat
Faction: Orthodox
Pack: Aita Ilum Kofradia
Abiding Status: Initiated
Fleeting Status: Courageous, Battle Scarred, Devout, Loyal

Blood Ties





  • Maeve spent centuries as the "bodysuit" of a Luminary Tremere.
  • Due to her regnant's frequent use of Dominate, she has no memory of life.
  • She was given to Constantin as a gift after the chantry was raided.
  • She was embraced in 2016 in a family Vaulderie intended to purify the Tremere taint from her blood.
  • She considers Constantin her "Papa" and the Vratislav her Sires or Siblings
  • More than just socially awkward, Maeve is a blank slate with no idea of how people are supposed to interact.
  • Maeve views existence as a research project, and spends more time taking notes than actually experiencing.
  • She became Orthodox after deciding that people were unreliable and only the Ritae can be trusted.
  • She. Never. Stops. Asking. Questions.
  • Maeve has a creepy doll collection.
  • The dolls come to life...
  • The dolls ARE alive...
  • She is the dolls!
  • (add)


  • Young Maeve is an inspiring look into the future of our House. The blood that flows through her is free from constraints, and should she dedicate herself to crafting a metamorphosis she will surely surpass her sires. - Mariposa
  • Sometimes I need her to put her dolls away. I might enjoy a little.. trickery? But her dolls still scare me. I guess even dolls scare the monsters. - Emilia Odobleja
  • I am glad to meet someone else who the world whispers too... - Verkenner
  • She is an absolute pleasure, intelligent, brilliant, and I look forward to our tea and adventures together. Her mind would be terrible to waste - Skye Noel Livingston
  • I have found a kin sister of sorts. She understands the true power the spirits and isn't afraid to use their strength to preserve us all.- Aaron Knight
  • If I never have to see this face ever again, it will not have been long enough. - Thaddeus Moreau
  • Your quote goes here... - Your Name


  • Joi, Blade Runner 2049 A.I. companion wants to be Real
  • Westworld An amusement park where the "Hosts" are androids who are more Real than intended
  • Dollhouse The Dolls, or Actives, are humans whose core selves are removed so that they can be imprinted with personalities determined by client fantasies
    • Echo/Caroline An Active in the Dollhouse who retains skills and memories that should have been wiped, fighting to free herself and the others
    • Mellie An active (November) who has been imprinted as Mellie, the literal girl next door, sweet and loving, always ready to offer herself if she thinks she can help
  • Chappie A robot with artificial intelligence, very naive and trusting, easily manipulated and taken advantage of
  • Curie, Fallout 4 A robot with Artificial Intelligence is transferred into a Synthetic body so that she can explore, learn, research, study...


Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: Phoenix, AZ
Player: Shanon S.
VST: Bryan B.

OOC Information

Shanon Smith