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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Margaret "Maggie" Jones

Notable Traits: KINFOLK . Soothing Presence

Pack: None

Society: Concordat of Stars

Sept: Warriors' Wisdom


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Born July 20,1969 the moment we landed on the moon, between the Waxing Crescent of the Theurge Moon and the half moon of the Philodox... between the Lion and the Virgin.

Maggie was a hopeful and happy child, that no spirit ever blessed with a promise of change. A pleasant girl, she made friends easily and was always the one to look out for the underdog and the kids who were bullied on the playground. As time went on, she would eventually discover that the grouchy and irritable students needed love and affection every bit as much as the others. She would discover she had an innate ability to bring calm to frustrating situations. Her father and mother found this to be a delightful talent and true proof that Gaia had blessed her with a calling of her own, even if it was not to change.

With the help of family and Tribe, Maggie befriended many members of the Nation, offering them a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, and a needed hug when the darkness of harano came to them. She never judged. She never chastised. She was always supportive and caring. Along the way she also discovered that Fera supported Gaia in their own roles, and in a shocking move, opened her hearth and home to them as well, with the same non-judgmental embrace of welcome.

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PC ties will be added here - including foster kids, husbands, lovers, children and allies
Maggie travels a LOT. As a confirmed fertile kinfolk, she was more than happy to contribute as was expected. She has called many Septs her home over the years.

Maggie is connected with mortal suburbia as only a housewife/soccer mom can be. She has her fingers in the social setting of the neighborhood and local church organizations. Sometimes this involves the pure and good natured things of church socials...or the less savory aspects of off track betting and quiet poker games in basements. Stepford has a dark side sometimes to it, and Maggie Jones plays both sides for the benefit of Gaia

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A place at my table

  • ooc: open to ties from all comers (seriously. email me)
  • Aiya_Kodachi - every girl needs a mother, I was more than happy to help her when she had no one else
  • Alistair Cross - I have known Alistair for most of his life. He is a dear friend, and I will always make space for him
  • Reverie Jones - You can never know who someone will become. Reverie was a dear little blessing and a surprise. I was happy to give her a home for as long as she needed it
  • Lines of Light A beautiful Khan, and a lovely young man. I was flattered to have helped him understand how to walk among the Homids.
  • Grimm Andersson - He makes me blush and smile as though I were 17 again. Gaia has Her plans, and it is not for me to question them. I am simply glad that he is part of whatever She had in mind for me in these final chapters of my story.
  • Road to Hell - He has a human name, he refuses to use it, stubborn thing. We've known each other for as long as I have known Alistair Cross. We have shared secrets, and no, I will not violate his trust.
  • Darius Isaiah Morningkill - a feisty young man, if there ever was one... as prideful, as the morningstar he is. I've watched that boy grow to the man he is. Dispute his choices if you will, he has known love, and that is more than many of us ever will.


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  • Maggie has been married several times
  • Maggie has multiple children from multiple husbands and lovers
  • Maggie has buried 3 husbands
  • Maggie has buried 4 children
  • Maggie turns no one away (Garou or Fera), who needs a place to stay or a meal to eat
  • Maggie makes jerky specifically for feeding Corax kin
  • Maggie has a heart of gold and a smile for days
  • Maggie is an exemplary cook and will always make time to make a sandwich or a meal for a visitor
  • Maggie has no Gifts
  • Maggie runs an off track betting pool for her local church club
  • You can always find a clean set of clothes at Maggie's house


This is mostly flexible and can be modified to include other players. contact me if you are interested

Timeline (working on it)

  • Born 1969
  • 1975 - introduced to the infant - Alistair Cross She becomes a childhood platonic friend and anchor for the Silver Fang
  • 1985 - Meets and falls in love with the father of her first child (Lionel Begay - Uktena NPC)They spend 5 years together before he is slain, sacrificing himself for his pack and defending his home. She would raise their children (Yiska, Thomas and Dorothy) on her own.
  • 1989 - Takes in a young fosterling by the name of Reverie Jones
  • 1990 - Another marriage (open)
  • 1995 - Yiska has his first change and joins his father's Tribe
  • 2009 - Reverie has her first change and becomes Kitsune. Maggie continues to offer her help and support
  • 2014 - Meets a young Lines of Light and helps him understand how to better understand Homids
  • 2015 - handfasted to a member of the Sept of Warrior's Wisdom (Hank Richards - Adren Glasswalker Philodox "Insider Trading" NPC)
  • 2017 - Hank dies during the Eclipse - Maggie leaves to handle his personal affairs
  • 2018 - Maggie returns to Phoenix to visit friends and determine if she will be remaining

Quotes and Such

Share a little gossip over tea?

  • It is not often that a person can leave me at a loss for words. Maggie has done so, many times - in a good way. I look forward to more speechless moments with her. - Grimm Andersson
  • Harm her and discover new depths of pain and loss. Cherish her, treat her well, and respect her as she will respect you...and she will enrich your life as she has my own. - Road to Hell
  • She makes you feel right at ease, and right at home whenever you're with her. There are a few people I've ever felt this comfortable with. - Azumi Akahoshi
  • "'From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs'. We fight the big monsters so you can fight the small ones. They're all heads of the same monster. All equally dangerous." - Matthew "Foxhole" Levine
  • "She's a goddess. Fight me." - Three-Step
  • "A cousin - I don't remember through whom. We have very different outlooks on the world, to say the least. But I'll be wrong for the rest of my life, and satisfied, if it means the world, all of us, can be what Maggie believes we can be." - Spins Silver

OOC Information

Player: Charmain Hopkins

Player Email:

Storyteller: Michael Day

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Location: Phoenix, AZ