Magnus Adam Sebastien Shrike

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Known Information

Name: Magnus Adam Sebastien Shrike
Species: Vampire
Covenant: Acolytes of the Void
Clan: Gangrel
Age: unknown
Union: Mercenary
Occupation: Pilot

Magnus is a dyed in the wool fighter. To those that get up close he has a pretanatural grace and power. He tries to hide it under mercenary armor or to confuse it with his surprising understanding of terraforming and ship history but many have seen him fight and describe his style as direct and savage. Absent of any of the quick and efficient grace of military training. He strikes hard enough to dent steel bare handed and fearlessly steps into blows that should cripple or maim him. He doesnt flinch from danger, pain or even fire.

Magnus is known to be jovial and kind. He puts a positive face on when surrounded by others but seems just as home alone and those that watch him in these moments report that he seems sad.


Little is openly known of Magnus before coming to Ethea Station in the Sonom system. Though obviously quite old as vampires go, he seems content to slum it among the mortals rather than carve himself a niche of influence or power.

What is known is he arrived just about 20 years ago and has stayed a regular presence since. He has become a fixture of the Planet Kleo primarily through his employers at Hearth LLC and seeks to improve the lot of the people there. This has improved the relationship between the peoples and the supernatural community since.



  • Magnus is a pirate and a secret plant of a greater pirate clan that sees Ethea station as a prize.
  • Magnus loathes the native bird population of the planet Aldous.
  • Magnus will work for anyone for blood. Anyone.
  • Magnus has taken a vow to not take blood from anyone but the willing. But it makes him hungry constantly.
  • Magnus is truly ancient and terrible in his past deeds. The heat death of the universe will occur before he atones.
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  • “The price of being an asshole today is three teeth.” - Magnus
  • "Magnus will always have a seat at my table for he is one of my dearest friends." - Vida Dolce
  • "Magnus is a friend. I like to have friends. One day we will be Pirateers together and find treasure! He lets me order thick juice at the bar and doesn't tell the Mistress, I like that too!"- Jyl-404
  • "Didn't expect to end up buddy-buddy with him, but he's a regular who tips well, and gives us a cut of the action without bein' a cunt about it. Good enough for me." - Spandex McQueen
  • "Magnus is here? Go make sure the VIP booth is open. He drinks on the house." - Jaq Graves
  • "Oh... Magnus... He's a generous and beautiful man. He didn't know it, but he gifted me with the peace of mind that karma is a bitch to slime balls eventually. So... I hope to thank him. Over and over." - Fleur Sablux
  • "He believes in myth; connections that do not exist; realities that are in no objective way real. He has been kind to me, but I do not trust him." - Effie Tussocks
  • "Magnus has the biggest heart buried behind those sharpest claws. But he doesn't bury it as well as he thinks, and I wish I could have helped him be happier." - Prin Dawnbright
  • "I can't wait to meet you again, Magnus. Maybe this time it'll take passion instead of logic to show you that you are far greater than you allow yourself to believe." - Diamond
  • "There is a shared spirit ... a similarity of self... one might say... betwixt myself and Magnus Shrike. It is both intriguing and alarming to experience first hand. I am not entirely certain what to make of it. Science will tell, I'm sure." - Doctor Jaana Adair
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OOC Information

Player: Jeff Holland US2003021993
Storyteller: Joseph Immel

Location: SONOM