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Character Description


Name: Magnus Duskthorne

Titles:' Doctor, Merchant, Entrepreneur, Crafter, Survivor, Spacer, Pilot, CEO

Old Titles: Medic, Kingpin

Type: Changeling

Seeming: Elemental

Kith: Bright One

Court: Spring

Society: Merchant Union

Gender: Male

Apparent Age: 40

Height: 6'2"

CEO of Asteria Industries Est. 3700


Chartered Company: Lightning Medical, Adventure & Transport Co.

Investor In: NightStone Hotel & Casino



Magnus Hedgespinning in the Hedge

Magnus’s mask is a middle-aged man often seen in a business suit and tie. He keeps his hair gelled back giving it a smooth slick appearance yet graying at the temples hints that he may be a touch older. His hazel eyes frame a perfectly symmetrical nose. His voice a rich baritone that can be both friendly and demanding as the situation warrants.

His mien is a humanoid shape that lacks human features. His skin is composed of stars and space gases as though his body is a portion of the galaxy given physical form. His skin vibrant and alive as stars shoot across his skin and the gases fluctuate in size and coloration based upon his mood or demeanor


Mid 3000s – Born in the Expanse, Grew up, and was taken by the Thurisaz as a pre-teen

Escapes Arcadia

3784 – Emerges from the Arcadian Dimension and is rescued by local humans

3786 – Integrates with human society as best as he can

Underworld Hedge-Garden Empire

3790-4025 Magnus forms and creates a goblin fruit smuggling ring selling fruits to both humans and supernaturals for multiple centuries. When his underworld empire collapsed he fled away into a mirror using a contract and was never seen again. It is rumored he fled into a nearby spaceship to escape capture.

Silent War Veteran

4028-4057 - Magnus served in multiple systems and sectors aboard various ships. Battle of Aurora survivor and nicknamed the "mirror doctor" by those he served alongside. Retired as a Senior Chief Petty Officer(SCPO) of the Scientific Exploration Division in the Empyreal Navy during his tenure. He earned a Recognition of Sacrifice(VIP: 2018-05-spcvip-236 ) for going above and beyond the call of duty to save countless lives of military and civilian personnel during his tour of duty.

Hidden Empire

4059 - Supernatural Suppression Act drives Magnus to move his residence onboard the ship Opportunity to avoid the chaos

4063 – arrives in the Tanaris system to live on the Wayfinder through the ship Opportunity as a Botanist

Mission Impossible

4065 – Establishes multiple trade agreements and business treaties between various parties on and off the Wayfinder

4117 – Game Start on Wayfinder

Public Information


Medals Earned during Silent War: Recognition of Sacrifice, Silent War Campaign Medal, ParaCon Unit Commendation


  • Seeks to find and savor the most delectable fruit in the Universe.
  • He loves a good bush.
  • So he made spirits that take the form of plants in the Hisil. The result is not good.
  • He is a masked fighter in BAMF. Not to win, but to indulge in pain.
  • It is rumored that Magnus orders take out for himself.
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Family, Friends, Allies, & More

Space Almanac Entries


  • " Magnus seem want help other. Iskra think is much good. Hope see more!" - Iskra
  • "Our family's betrayal left a mark. Even though I recognize it's irrational, Magnus frightens me more than the rest of the station put together." - Evander Katharos
  • "Strange that he should wish to associate with me despite my status with my house. Father always stressed caution when dealing with this business partner. Father rarely displayed such deference to anyone." - Tristan Katharos
  • "Unmistakably Nebula. But not in the typical way. I trust him, even if sometimes we don't see eye to eye. But when the chips are down, I know he's got my back, and that means a great deal." - Ehroth
  • "He's a great man, and one of the best mages on the...wait, what do you mean he isn't a mage?" - Axion
  • "This guys knows his alcohol ... Also he has a little freaky in him." - Socket
  • "My foundation in a universe full of chaos." Alek Hawthorne
  • "A mirror." Fabien_Phist
  • "I didn't expect to fall so hard, but I'm glad I have." -Loril
  • "I remember the doctor. Good man, glad to have reconnected with him." - Flynn Mason

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