Magnus Kincaid

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Magnus Kincaid

Notable Traits:

  • Coal Black Eyes
  • Alabaster White Skin
  • Long floppy hair

Society: Unaligned

Clan: Kiaysd


Considered Relatively young, or well hidden the creature that is Magnus has only surfaced in the last decade or so. Taking up his own resident shop in selling Antiques, Films, Books and the like. Also if one know of the "Midnight Society" they are able to get access to him for when they need to.


  • Actually has a network of fae that he speaks with on the regular
  • Follows his own set of rules, matching closely to the .


  • “Logic is a journey between two fixed points. Imagination unlocks the third dimension toward infinite paths.” - Agnese Giovanni di Calderari
  • "No one has literally asked him about his wants and needs, that was extremely sad to find out." - Trip Line
  • "Your Quote" - Character Name

OOC Information

Player: Aaron Cox
Storyteller: David Hoelscher
VSS: Snakes and Cadavers
Location: Lincoln, NE