Mairin Byrne

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On The Surface

The Girl in the Mirror
Mairin Byrne, known to her family as Mairi, is a PhD student at the University of Texas, studying anthropology with a focus in folklore, myth, legend, and popular culture. She grew up in Austin but prefers not to speak much about her childhood. If asked, Mairi will only say that her parents died when she was young and her grandparents raised her. Her undergraduate years were spent out of state, but in 2015 she returned to Austin to start her Ph.D program. She's a girl with an obvious love of history and works as an assistant in the special collections library at UT.

The Horror Within
When the soul of Mairin Byrne was devoured, the Horror that took its place was a deep sea monster: a creature with the head, neck, and front legs of a classic European dragon and a sleek body that leads back into the writhing, grasping arms of an octopus. Since returning to Austin in 2015, she has joined with the local brood and claimed the UT campus as her territory.

Beneath The Waves


  • "I don't know about this one. She walks to close to them. She has a mouth on her. And a danger. I'd just as soon know where she is if we are in the same room." - "Rock"
  • "Littlest Sister, still much to learn. So much joy and pain watching her discover her true self." - "Marcus Cain"
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Sound of the Sea

Sleep, sugar, let your dreams flood in \ Like waves of sweet fire, you're safe within \ Sleep, sweetie, let your floods come rushing in \ And carry you over to a new morning
I want to see your sadness \ I want to share your sin \ I want to bleed your blood and \ I want to be let in \ Don't we all just \ Want to be together
He said, "Now hush love, here's your gown," \ "There's the bed, lantern's down," \ But I don't want to go to sleep; in all my dreams, I drown
Don't give up if you just can't get your way \ Don't listen to the bitter things they say \ Put those thoughts behind you \ Tomorrow's a new day
Maybe I'm meant for the sea \ It's there swinging from my family tree \ Startin' to breathe so heavily \ Grandpa's telling me of his days in the Navy \ I was alive for a moment you see \ It was there when I woke \ It was there when I would...

Background image - Carta Marina

Mairin Byrne

Breed: Beast
Family: Makara
Hunger: Collector
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Aesa M.
VST: Austin CoD-X VST