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Tales As Old As Time

Tohmcol Lintz was born on the 4th planet of the Sardis System in Sector 8 of the Expanse in SY 3843. The only habitable terraformed planet in the Sardis System, Sardis IV was essentially an agricultural planet, producing domesticated meats and vegetables which were then preserved and shipped across the Expanse to less fortunate planets in exchange for currency and goods that could not be natively produced on Sardis IV.
In 3866, an explosion in Tohm’s lab triggered his Awakening. The damage from the blast was contained only to the lab, but the flash from the blast could be seen for miles. Tohm awoke one day later, his name etched permanently into the Watchtower of the Golden Key. A short time later, Tohm was offered a minor commission with the Expeditionary Force Marine Corps, and accepted. By SY 3872, Tohmcol was out of basic training and was participating in missions across the Galaxy for the Marines. He was determined to make a name for himself in his new life, and slowly began climbing the ranks through his hard work and dedication.
In 3916, Tohmcol was promoted to the rank of Major. At this time, Major Tohm was still taking part in exploratory missions with his team of specialists.
In SY 3918, Tohmcol’s team was assigned to a classified mission by Colonel Carlie Coxand. As the journey would take at least 50 years to complete one way, even with Stygian Gates, the entire crew would be placed in cryostasis for the journey there and the journey back, the ship navigating itself on AI assisted autopilot. Colonel Coxand made it quite clear that there was very little chance of surviving the mission, but Major Lintz accepted the mission anyway, knowing that his team had luck on their side.
The team was given a brand new fourth generation vessel, the Blade of Occam, for the mission. The Blade of Occam left the Expanse three days later.
In SY 4018, a geological survey of the planet Abelia was conducted. During this survey, the Explorer’s Union was shocked to find, buried under hundreds of years of sediment, the remains of a nearly intact Protectorate Spacecraft. A salvage team was sent down soon after, and the Salvage team was shocked to learn that one of the crew members was still alive, locked in Cryostasis. The Salvage team pulled the ship up, and the survivor was taken to the Med bay of the Oberon, for revival and treatment.

  • 3843: Born
  • 3866: Awakened during an experiment gone wrong. Is found by his Mentor, Hirley Mira. Enlists with the EMFC. Takes on the Shadow name Tohmcol Lintz.
  • 3872: Begins to participate in missions for the EMFC.
  • 3916: Promoted to the rank of Major.
  • 3918: Assigned Classified Mission. Entire crew is killed while the crew is in Cryostasis when the ship crash lands on Abelia, in the Heliotrope system.
  • 4118: Ship is discovered on Abelia, salvaged, and Major Tohm revived in the Med bay of the Oberon.
  • 4119: Doctor Jaana Adair gets transferred from the Oberon to Unity Station. Having no real ties in the Heliotrope system, Tohm offers to fly the Doctor to Xiva-Tau and settle roots there.

Friends and allies

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  • "It is rare in this fallen world that I come across a soul whom I know instinctively to be truly good. More rare still to discover that he has known war, as I have. I am humbled in his presence and fortunate to have made his acquaintance." - Vahi
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  • Buck Rogers
  • Major Vance Astro
  • Slade Wilson
  • Steve Rogers



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Major Tohmcol Lintz

Path: Obrimos
Order: Techgnostic Union
System: Xiva-Tau Nebula
Player: The Great Dan Byrd
VST: Kate Wadey