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Mako Tzimisce
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"Dead eyes bowler hat"

Player Bio

Player: Jason McCullough

Player Email:

Coordinator: Stephen Mccavour

Coordinator Email:

Location: Montreal, Qc (south shore)

Positions:Archbishop of the Diocese-in-Exile Ductus of L'Habitant
Path:Honorable accord


  • Innate

Initiated into the Sabbat

Blessed Ductus of L'Habitant

  • Authority, Glorious, Ordained

He was studying to be a kinesthesiologist at McGill in 1996 when he was grabbed off the street and a made shovelhead. The Tzimisce who made him was named Rio, it was killed in the ensuing assault that happened in the west island of Montreal a few days after Mako’s creation rights. The pack ; the Brotherhood of the Beltane bowl, hadn't expected any of their new creations to live past that encounter, but Mako did. Ill equipped to handle a fledgling Tzimisce the packs Priest at the time suggested that their Nosferatu Knight, Victor, take him under his wing and show him the Path of Honorable accord.

Mako is a fixture and has been a positive point to the diocese in exile, sought out for his expertise. He has been without pack for the past decade which makes it easy for him to travel to key locations.

Mako is calm and aloof, he often speaks plane and simple English in a “lets be reasonable’ tone. It's been commented that his interrogations, start out like business meetings. His results speak for themselves. Specifically of note is his entry in the 2014 büfé competition, an annual Tzimisce gross out torture contest (büfé is Hungarian for buffet). In this , his only entry he placed a respectable 4th. He captured a renowned hunter from upstate NY and successfully reversed his face, genitals and entire gastrointestinal tract. He left the victim sickeningly alive during and after the procedure. The end effect was similar to a bubbling human shit volcano with a mouth at the bottom that could only scream if the victim farted. The review by one bishop joy “Meatface” Delany was;” Mako’s work is subtler than you would expect, involving not just flesh and bone, but the gases and fluids that move through that viscera. It's not just the mouth he would use, but the saliva glands, the tonsils and indeed the food moving through that mouth too. All that which is contained within are his paints and whole being his canvas.”

In late 2018 Mako came out of the backfield to form and lead a new pack L'habitant. He currently also servers as the pack priest. March 2019 Mako made open claim of the diocese, none stood to challenge him. April 2019 Mako was Ordained and bathed in blood by his Eminence Cardinal -Redacted-. Now Archbishop Mako made Siffer Yvan Xander (SYX) his right hand templar, and has appointed KK Ryder (interim) Bishop of war. As of October 2019 Ryder has stepped down now that the 'fortress shore'in more secure. Mako has named Lucian Antonescu Ravnos, Priest of the Ill-Adjusted Reprobates Pack his bishop of security.

Notable Traits
  • Cultured strong speaking voice
  • He is followed by a flock of bats in the summer fall months and a snowy owl in winter spring
  • He has an eerie presence manifested in his cold almost white eyes.
  • He is a noted torture expert (reputation 2pt Merit).
Known associates

Quotes (Although Jimmy didn't add this... SOMEONE ELSE DID! muhahahah)
  • "Watching you debate with our friend "Barbara" was surprisingly satisfying. Call me!" - Servire Mr. Blackett

  • He works for the Inquisition\the Black Hand
  • He has a collection of heads
  • He has a half tamed Vozhd that answers to the name Mr.Cuddles
  • He Has been harvesting organs from local morgues for some reason.
  • He's got some major boons from the Camarilla elders.

Out of Character
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