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Patient, Calculating, Implacable.


House Everard


Confirmed (A)
Loyal - Dona_Manuela_Bolivar Justicar of Clan Malkavian(F)
Honorable - Saharat Prince of Raleigh (F)
Favored - Irma Kardos, Prince of Houston(F)
Courteous - Madeleine_Tonnerre (F)
Acclaimed - Olivia_Collins, Royal Harpy of the Grand Conclave(F)

Dignitas (Ventrue Only)
Admired Troubleshooter to Executive Gerhardt, Paragon


Great Great Great Great Grandsire: Ventrue
Great Great Great Grandsire: Tinia
Great Great Grandsire: Julia Antasia
Great Grandsire: Desmond Aldred (Deceased)
Grand Sire: Gareth Abrecan (Deceased)
Sire: Felicity Marie Abelard-Dawson (Deceased)
Childer: None


NYC liberated from the Sabbat. Maksim uses NYC as a base of operations, but moves to assist other domains against the sabbat, continuing to root out their support networks with ruthless efficiency.
The Chicago Blood Accords make Maksim's brand of warfare much more desirable, and he continues to work - now occasionally choosing targets that are not just the Sabbat. The Independent Alliance's recent rise draws his attention.
Relocates from New York City to San Francisco.

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"In life, as in chess, forethought wins.”
Charles Braxton



The man known as Maksim Volk was born as someone very different in Lithuania, to a family of skilled laborers. His first memories are of the Soviet invasion of Lithuania following the German invasion of Poland in 1939. The independent nation of Lithuania ceased to exist as the Soviets stripped the country and installed their own systems in place. His parents, hard-working people who resented the sudden limitations on their freedom, the starvation and the looting of their economy, and fought back. When the Germans invaded in 1940, it was seen as a blessing by his parents and they fought against the Soviets and in favor of the Nazis, hoping they would restore Lithuanian independence. When this did not happen and the horrors of the second world war were unfolded before them, his parents fought back against the Nazis this time.

It was to no avail, and when 1944 came and the Soviet Machine came marching back through, his entire family, his entire neighborhood, was deported to the deep interior, near modern-day Abakan, near the Khazak border. Forced into a labor camp, his father died soon after in a workers strike. For a year, his mother struggled onward but herself was killed when she spurned the advances of a Soviet guard. Orphaned at the age of 8 after a childhood of intense chaos, war, famine and horror, the young Maksim was placed into the care of the state. Through his efforts to keep himself fed and build a network of other children to do his bidding, he came to the notice of the KGB controller of the area and was placed onto a recruitment track.

Here, records get very scarce, as he spent his teens and adult life in a variety of cover identities with the KGB, operating in Berlin, Rome, Paris, London and Hong Kong before settling into New York City under the cover of a German art broker. After his embrace by clan Ventrue (Elder Felicity Dawson) in the early 1980s, he set about assisting the kindred of New York City in their fight against both the Anarchs and then later, the Sabbat - building an extensive network of informants, agents and soldiers to help keep the pressure on the enemy and gather information that would allow others to strike. His network was impressive for a neonate, and while certainly not decisive in the conflict, it was a reliable resource with surprising flexibility. When Baba Yaga woke in Russia, he slid into a prepared identity, burning his old life and assuming the mien of Maksim Volk.


With his war in NYC come to a close, Maksim traveled the east coast and midwest as a mobile asset, brought to bear against the Sabbat as needed, often in the company of other kindred such as Jayden Rothchild. Now as the blood accords are drawing to a close, he is rebuilding his forces for whatever comes next. It's a transition he has taken to with the preplanning and attention to detail that marks any of his operations. Mr. Volk has relocated to San Francisco at the request of his clan and within the year masterminded the expulsion of the Giovanni and Followers of Set from Silicon Valley, returning it to Camarilla and Ventrue control. In the process, he was able to claim the city of Mountain View as his own domain.

Recently he has been operating with a coterie of fellow influence brokers and investigators, headed by Don Vittorio Cuoronero and has been spotted in Raleigh, Austin, Houston, Phoenix, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York, and Reno while 'on the job'. More recently, his paramilitary security company, Spartan Security, has been making a name for itself in the defense of those who can pay his fees - but satisfied clients include Luminary Elders, Princes, Advocates - serving both Camarilla and Anarch alike. As of July, 2019, he can count among his clients the Camarilla itself, as his preparations, actions and resources secured the Grand Conclave of Tombstone Arizona.



  • "Maksim réussit à placer une reine en échec à deux coups avec le moindre jeu. J'ai appelé son mouvement ... comment sortir Ventrue un Ventrue et le reste, mes chers, est l'histoire." (Maksim was able to successfully place a Queen in check within two moves with the slightest gambit. I named his to out Ventrue a Ventrue and the rest, my dears, is history.) - Lady Felicity Marie Abelard-Dawson
  • "While many Kings may extol the virtues of braggadocio, I have always preferred the subtle knife. I expect great things of Mr. Volk, and I have yet to be disappointed.." Desmond Aldred
  • "If you think he looks good in a white suit, you should see him in a black suit. He is absolutely stunning in black." - Jayden Rothchild, Ventrue Anarch,
  • "Maksim Volk surprises me threefold: It is surprising for one so young to possess such old form mastery and old form ideals. It is surprising to see a Ventrue who plays the game with interests in mind that can even run counter to self-interest, the idea being acknowledged as greater than the man. However, what surprises me most is the honor, a thing that many have thought had died a slow death. In him, I see the promise of the noble's obligation made manifest. In him, I see a leader when the kings can claim so few... " - Amyntas, Luminary Elder Prince of San Francisco
  • "Let us see how this young Ventrue holds his nerve." - Kipton Shant
  • "Mak? A good man. Willing to look shit right in the face and see what's what... Even if he's too tactful to say out loud." Ness, Brujah Anarch
  • "Maksim Volk is...efficient. That one of such youth has shown insight some Elders fail to possess is impressive. He is also a Kindred that strikes me as one who will forget nothing, which will lead to victory or devastation to those who cross his path. I look forward to watching him closely." Saharat, Luminary Elder Prince of Raleigh
  • "He's the best in the business, my dear! He can get you anything. Absolutely <i>anything</i>. I can put in a good word for you if you'd like a family discount, darling. He is after all my brother..." Darien Dawson
  • "There is a distinct line between the young and old in the Camarilla. A line of due reverence for the centuries the older has survived and the wisdom granted by time. Some young stay very far away from that line unwilling to risk it. Others tap dance on it, over it, and all around it to determine how much they can push. Mister Volk walks right up to it and leans forward." Irma Kardoș
  • "Trust begins at confession. Some let the cat out of the bag. Others protect you from the outside world. Rare is the person who knows when to speak and when to not.." Hidden Snake
  • "Maksim Volk is a shining example of everything the Clan of Kings claims to be. He is truly a credit to his clan." - Asher Meier
  • "His competency was rewarded with a decades-old bottle of milk, and yet he holds his ground and is sure of stomach." - Kalista Giovanni
  • “I have a list. A list of people that, if you harm, I will stop at nothing to find you and destroy you. Maksim Volk has been added to that list.” -Johann Prinz
  • “Mr. Volk strikes me as young, yet experienced; ruthless, yet principled... a man who will do anything for what he perceives to be the right reason by his own measure and no one else's. A man like that is compelling and dangerous, but he will be most dangerous to himself if he does not find the balance of his ethics and his willingness to do terrible things. And someday, he and I will finish the conversation we started a year ago and I will find out how true any of that is.” -Lotte Peeters
  • “ “Maksim Volk is the kind of Kindred that gets a job done. Organized, efficient, and prepared for the things you can’t even imagine. I pray to the gods we don’t end up on the opposite sides of a conflict.” -Arthur Bingham
  • “ “Unlike many Ventrue, Monsieur Volk is open to change and improvement. He is the quickest study of all the Kindred I have had the privilege to teach something. I hope that comes with understanding which lessons to hold close to his heart. Those who would counsel him in bad faith will bleed when I find them.” -Madeleine Tonnerre
  • “ “You don't seem to understand just how much it pains me to speak positively of any Ventrue. And yet even though I despise the Kings and all they stand for, I cannot deny that I admire Mr. Volk for his tenacity, his dedication, and his loyalty to his convictions and beliefs. So I'll pay him the highest compliment I can think of - I wish I'd found him first.” -Serafino Morreti
  • “Mr. Maksim Volk is respectful of others and asks it in return, as he is also steadfast in his convictions and beliefs. It was most pleasant working with him and for him. I look forward to the day, of working again with Mr. Volk and would be happy to lend aid if needed.” -Rā's Al-Tanin
  • “Mr. Volk is the pinnacle of effectiveness. Other may view him as terse or brusque, but he deign not waste a word that is unneeded. This makes collaborating with him efficient and effective, exactly what our clan should be." -Simon St. John
  • "We are creatures of very different worlds, and for all that this is true we are not altogether so dissimilar. Strange that I am his elder, and yet I wonder if I will grow in time to be more like him...for good or for ill." - Yves-Valère Seurat
  • "He is stubborn, but wise. I've never seen him take on a challenge he couldn't handle. I wish him all the best, but I wouldn't get in his way if I were you." Murielle O'Connor
  • "So many unique dances, and I am not bored yet. Maksim scars you, hurts you, and leaves you wanting more with each movement." Luciana Santora DuVal
  • "Mr. Volk embodies the kind of rock-steady competence that defines the greatest of the Clan. To paraphrase Heinlein, he can plan an invasion, build a wall, butcher a hog, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, and fight very efficiently. Though working with him means taking on the toughest jobs around, it's a joy to work with someone who operates at the highest levels in all respects." - Jacqueline Hawthorne


  • Maksim's collection swelled considerably after Baba Yaga took control of the Soviet Union. Some very very quite whispers suggest he may have been one of her agents.
  • His efficacy in his efforts to root out Sabbat infiltrators and advance combat teams was such that many have suggested he had a mole on the inside.
  • He served Prince Marislav of New York City as a bagman, dissapearing people for whatever whim struck the mad Russian
  • Volk works for the Red Council, a shadowy cabal of elder Kindred who survived on the run from the Camarilla.
  • He has spent too much time working with Anarchs - and some suspect he may be the next Ventrue Paragon to go to The Movement.
  • Maksim is now the advance man for a powerful coterie of elders and ancilla who sell their services to highest bidder.
  • He's spent too long fighting for regimes that treat their people horrifically, and his loyalty to the tower wavers.
  • Super into necromancer women... like the more corpse-like, the better. I'm not kink-shaming...but like... why?
  • It was Maksim who masterminded the security of Tombstone, going do far as to use his own influence to evacuate the city prior to the conclave. Some called him paranoid for this, but his preparations were critical when the Assamite clan's Methusalahs brawled in the streets, leveling half the town. Do you think he knew that was going to happen?
  • Maksim left behind an enemy in Richardson, who has followed him since the burning of Carthage Hall.


  • Madam Madeleine Tonnerre - Beyond his own sire, No one has done quite so much to assist Maksim in his settling into the bay area. Now, that has come with some remarkable strings, but they are pleasant enough bonds.
  • Don Vittorio Cuoronero - Don Vittorio has been nothing but welcoming, even as he too utilizes Maksim's special talents.
  • Prince Amyntas of San Francisco - A man of vision and humility, the antithesis of what russian born Maksim expected of Brujah.
  • Ness - An Anarch that Maksim worked with in New York, he the mastermind, she the close combat specialist. ]
  • Her Rottingness, Coraline Delacroix - They met in Reno, and Maksim negotiated a peaceful settlement to her feud with Don Vittorio.


  • Remarkably, all his enemies are dead.
  • Appearance: Always dressed in the finest of suits (He favors Devore of New York City), Maksim dresses in a conservative, subdued fashion, always well accessorized. His suits always incorporate some sort of spider pendant on the lapel.
  • Notable Traits: Maksim walks with a deep limp that favors his right side, always using a cane. His verbal cadence tends to be a little slow, with frequent pauses.
  • Demeanor: Quiet, with a keen eye for detail unless in private, when he is more gregarious.
  • Habits:
  • Theme Music:

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Maksim Sashavitch Volk

Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Social Class: Ancilla
Domain:San Francisco, The Next Gold Rush
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