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Authority, Glorious, Ordained as Archbishop of Martinique | Blessed as Ductus of Necessary Violence
Battle-Scarred | Loyal | Devout | Courageous | Favoured
Order of St. Blaise

“It takes no compromise to give people their takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no political deal to give people freedom. It takes no survey to remove repression.”
— Harvey Milk

Malachi is a man of average height, pale with sharp features and piercing gray eyes.
He has short, slicked back hair. His clothing is colourless and plain; black collared shirts, dark pants, and a long black coat. Whenever he smiles or bares his teeth - a rare thing - his fangs are false, a metallic gunmetal grey.

He has recently been seen speaking, for the first time in over 20 years; many still don't understand why it happened, and why he was silent for so long. He still seems to prefer ASL.

His presence is very disarming. Still on Humanity, he tends to exude an aura of restraint and calm. Despite his silence, he communicates freely and easily with most he meets, and it isn't rare to see him joking lightly and lifting the spirits of those around him. He is loud and proud of his faith in Caine, a zealot from the day he was Embraced, as he's proud to tell others - he can talk at length about his faith, and considers it his primary interest. He is often seen looking after the faith of others.

Largely in thanks to the friendly face, it tends to be hard to tell when Malachi is investigating you, and what he has found; but surely, if something has been found, you will know it.


Notable Traits:

  • Former Judge Inquisitor
  • Angelic Visage
  • No fangs - the reason why and when this happened is a mystery.
  • No longer mute
  • Low humanity



Lineage: House Sardis

Great Great Grandsire: Vox Umbra
Sire: Mary Huntington


1932: Born in Bilbao, Spain.
1937-1947: His parents are killed in the bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War, and he spends his childhood as a freedom fighter for the Spanish Maquis.
1951: Emigrated to America with his partner.
1960: Embraced in New England by Mary Huntington.
1975: Became the Priest of his then pack.
1978: Remained the only survivor after a vicious attack on his pack.
1980: Joined the Inquisition under the tutelage of Darius Escarra, becoming a Knight Inquisitor.
1981: Chosen by Grand Inquisitor Maria Sandoza to be one of her Paladins.
1995: Disappeared from the Grand Inquisitor's service; disappeared for a year, not to surface again until late 1996, mute and without fangs.
1996: Became a Judge Inquisitor.
1997: Became proficient in ASL and returned to active duty.
1999: Assisted in the Crusade to retake several for the Sword of Caine, met Obsidian and took him under his wing.
2003: Assisted in purging the Black Hand.
2005: Arrived on Martinique to assist Vivian Kittrell and Ramiel with the preparations for another Crusade. They accept him into their pack.
2010: Despite the Crusade being called off by a Bishop, he remains with his pack and resides permanently on Martinique.
2017: Present at the battle against heretics in New York.
2018: Attended the Synod in Mexico City.
2018: Challenged Tiziano to Monomacy, with the end result being the ritae nullified due to use of a thaumaturgical ritual.
2018: Left the Inquisition.
2018: Joined the Order of St. Blaise.
2018: Became Ductus of Necessary Violence.


  • "Malachi is the essence of what makes Inquisitors so frightening: Silent, efficient, and zealous. One would be wise to not cross him lest they seek to lay their secrets bare." - Constantin Odobleja
  • "I have no opinion on one who is yet still incomplete...maybe one day his potential will be realized...though...likely not." - Vox Umbra
  • "Nothing says Inquisition more than blind zealotry. It's just that in his case it is mute as well. We made him tough so he would never forget the flavor of pain. So he would never have to taste it again" - Bryce Huntingston
  • "I will love you until the stars go out and the tides no longer turn." - Dorian Alvarez
  • "He appears to have learned from his mistake, and become stronger for it. But strong enough?, that is not for me to judge." - Borreroak
  • "... He was once an excellent pupil, that much I can say... It is a shame that not all of my lessons were taken to heart. Perhaps one day we will see eye to eye again... But I doubt it. Time doesn't heal everything." - Serafino Morreti
  • "Like clay at a sculptor's wheel he has yet to take his final shape. I have little hope for an interesting product however." - Astraea
  • "We're wearing arm bands now?" - Lucas Franks
  • "Malachi made his choices. I chose my path, but my name isn't tarnished with breaching a Sacred Rite." - Gabriel Thompson
  • "The Inquisitor is striving constantly for something just beyond adequate trait about him.." - Vox Umbra
  • "He's one of the ones that isn't terrifying and god I'm glad for it. I wouldn't be nearly so adjusted to this new life without him." - Hannah Phillips
  • "Malachi saw my potential, I hope I can live up to his expectations." - Lailah Jennings
  • "Inquisitor Malachi is cunning beyond measure. Some have said that he is a dark zealot, but I simply see him as driven to serve Caine and his sword as ably as possible." Jacob Tyler
  • "Si puedo hacer que todo caiga donde debería estar, lo haría. Si pudiera hacer la vida mejor para ti, lo haría. Pero no puedo. Todo lo que puedo hacer es decirte que el mío ha sido mejor gracias a ti." - Dorian Alvarez
  • "He says so much, but he never speaks at all. This pleases me immensely. If only he kept himself from breathing as well, his power would be contained and safe for when he needed it most. Still, I enjoy his company, and Dorian likes him, so he must be alright." - Calla LaRue
  • "Malachi encompasses everything the Loyalists say the Orthodoxy is; stuffy, no nonsense, and a total wet blanket. Someone ought to slip an upper into his next blood bag." - Valerie Evans
  • "I heard him say to a prince that he can trust the Camarilla more than the Anarchs. If this is what the inquisition is made of then the Sabbat would be better without it." - Tiziano Farnese
  • "When I was like lost he like showed me that there like might be like something different. Part of me was like supes like in love with like someone who it was like cool to be still with. Like, just, be. Panic like hated him like hardcore. Now. Well like if he comes between like me driving a fucking stake into Vox's heart? I'll make sure to like bring like an extra long stake." - Karma
  • "A wise man knows fear." - Siegrid of the True North
  • "The wonders this young Judge has shown me... my world has been forever expanded." - Anthony Diaz
  • "Literally, my favorite Inquisitor. He's got something of himself left ya see? I hope it lasts." - Waldren
  • "Observation: Subject maintains a physical disability despite possessing the evolution necessary to repair the loss. Proposal: Subject may acquire some alternative form of strength that warrants maintaining the vestigial body part. Possibly spiritual? Conclusion: inconclusive at this time, further study is required. Do not attempt regular laboratory procedure here, subject is strong and... fighty." - Sage
  • "A beautiful looking man, I cannot wait to paint him. I do owe him a painting after getting my back at Club Taint." - Emilia Odobleja
  • "He is my brother, first and foremost. His faith strengthens mine, I only hope he can find his strength again." Valerie Evans


  • When he smiles at you and shows his teeth, you should know you're screwed.
  • He sacrificed his voice to the Abyss.
  • He has a direct line to the Grand Inquisitor herself.
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OOC Information

Player: Ron Osypiuk - US2016040801

Location: MES Virtual Sabbat

Malachi Salamanca

Clan: Lasombra
Sect: Sabbat
Domain: Martinique
Player: Ron Osypiuk
VST: Virtual VST