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Malika Nameplate

Information Known by Kindred Society

Gold Assamite Symbol.png

Clan: Assamite

Generation: 8th

Social Class: Ancilla

Position: Harpy of Tampa

Alias: al-Kahinat, Kahi, Sahara, Malika


General Background

The weathered man led his family across the sand. It had been a hard trip, crossing the desert. They had lost a camel to the journey, but in just a few short hours they would reach their destination. He looked back over his family, smiling sadly at the young ones. His two wives had given him 12 children, most of whom where grown now and married, with children of their own. It was his two youngest (the twins) that drew gaze. A boy and a girl, they had reached an age of maturity. It was because of them that the family traveled to the sacred well.

It ran in his family, his grandmother, his younger brother. It was said to be beautiful, lucky, and desirable. So much so that the pledge had kept his family safe for decades, though now he had to keep his end. With his first children he had prayed to Allah for healthy babies. Healthy, perfect babies, with tan-brown skin, brown eyes and black hair. As the years passed and the children came, he stopped praying for such things. Saving his prayers for good crops and prosperity. Now he would pay the price for his arrogance.

Sensing his gaze, the twins looked up at him. A matched set of bright blue eyes met his brown ones. His daughter Kahi (named after the Berber Queen, al-Kahinat) smiled brightly as she pulled her veil up closer around her face to protect her pale skin from the sun. They had asked for a blue eyed, blonde boy. Looking over at his son, the man feared what the Warrior would say. The twins may both be pale and light, but aside from their complexion, they were as different as night and day. Kahi was fearless and far too adventurous for a girl, her brother was shy and gentle.

They came at midnight, while most the family slept in the shelter of the oasis. Silent and deadly, they where no longer normal men. Some claimed they were Djinn, but he had seen them enough to know better. He quickly brought his son forward and presented him to them. The boy trembled and cried in fear, tears rolling down his face. Hearing her brother cry, Kahi charged out of her tent and placed herself in front of her brother, fearlessly pointing a small dagger at the danger before them.

Their leader smiled.

By the end of the night the deal was done and the next day her family had gone back into the desert, leaving her behind. Her new family told her they had been waiting for the right candidate for a long time, someone who could walk among the white skinned people of a place called Europe and never be known for a child of the desert.

Timeline for Ties

  • 1750: Born in North Africa to a family from the indigenous Berber tribe. Has a twin brother.
  • 1765: Presented to clan Assamite, and taken to Alamut to begin training. She is 15 years old.
  • 1772: Ghouled in Alamut, begins training as a ghoul. She is 22 years old.
  • 1779: Embraced at the age of 29, continue to train in Alamut.
  • 1786 – 1800: First missions in Paris, posing as a Toreador. Spent 14 years as a young toreador in the Paris court.
  • 1800 – 1850: First trip to the New World. Observed conflicts between Camarilla and Sabbat.
  • 1850 – 1999: North Africa/North America/Middle East and Europe. Takes on the name Malika.
  • 1999: Week of Nightmares, Returns to the mountain as Ur-Shulgi calls to the clan and summons everyone home.
  • 1999-2004: Ur-Shulgi orders clan to set aside faith which not sit will with the Muslim Assamites.
  • 2004: Joins Al-Ashrad in leaving the Mountain and Joining the Camarilla.
  • 2005: Moves to Tampa and establishes herself in the city.
  • 2011: Becomes Harpy of Tampa. Learns that as Harpy, she is a different kind of Judge, which suits her nature.
  • 2011: The Inner Circle clarifies its position on the Antediluvian, declaring that they are loving mothers and fathers.
  • 2012: Summoned before Tegyrius for reasons not publically known. Is granted fleeting status of *Honorable*.
  • 2012-2017: Remains in Tampa, helping the city recover from being decimated by Hunters.


Rumors and Quotes

  • "How easy it is to judge rightly after one sees what evil comes from judging wrongly." Elizabeth Gaskell
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Out-of-Character Info

Player: Holly E Houtekier

Member: US2002021999

Location: Tampa, FL

Storyteller: Stephen W.