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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: 妈妈冰 Māmā bīng

Notable Traits: White, iridescent eyes

Pack: 家庭 Jiātíng

Breed: Shinjin

Auspice: Kataribe

Rank: Elder

Quotes: "Well yes, I am the creepy one. If you would like the personable one you should speak with my brother Baihu"
"Come closer cubs, do not fear. Let me sing you a tale of the Emerald Mother and her gifts to us"
"Winning and losing is temporary Qīn'ài de háizimen, do not compete upon each other, the bonds you build in the den will last forever"

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Known Timeline:
1117 CE Yanjing Modern day Beijing, China
Born in a small village on the outskirts of Beijing. Her given name is Bái liánhuā or White Lotus Blossom as she much smaller than her twin brother and a surprise to all when she was born as twins are uncommon and ShinJin twins are unheard of.
1134 CE Yanjing Modern day Beijing, China
She shifts for the first time at the age of 17 when a local man denies her mother passage calling her a Bái móguǐ or white devil. Bái liánhuā is sent to live with Elder Zǔmǔ
1215 CE Zhongdu Modern day Beijing, China
Bái liánhuā returns when Temüjin, known as Genghis Khan, sieges the city. She helps usher their kin to safety in the the Western Xia Empire and begins a lifelong hatred of the Mongolians. They massacre the inhabitants of the city and razed it to the ground.
1220 CE Yellow River Valley
Bái liánhuā forms a new Pack Hóng wù, the Red fog to terrorize the Mongolian forces. She would lead them for the next two hundred years. 1220-1350s CE Central and Southern Song Dynasty
Continuing to move south following the invaders and eventually achieving victory in the late 1200s, by helping the Tran Clan of Vietnam hold off the invaders Bái liánhuā preaches that the Wyrm influences the Mongolians and their constant destruction and massacring of the people.
1356 CE Nanjing, China
Bái liánhuā now known as Bīng xuè, Ice Blood and her pack join the Red Turbans in taking the city from the Mongolians. This will mark the beginning of the end of their empire and conquest over China.
1360s - 1500s Ming Dynasty, now Modern China
She spends the next three hundred years protecting the borders and fighting the Wyrm’s influence within it them.
1410 CE Inner Mongolia
During a raid by the Mongolians and an attempt at expansion of territory by the Garou, Bīng xuè Killed without mercy two "Invaders". At this time she was already an Elder and was punished severely. Legend Zǔmǔ sent her to join the Buddhist Monastic order to learn better restraint.
1450 CE Longhua Temple Near Modern Shanghai China
Bīng xuè takes vows and becomes a Buddhist Nun
1650 CE Shaolin Monastery Henan China
Bīng xuè now known as Māmā bīng, Mother Ice races ahead of the Ching forces to help the monks defend the Temple. Ng Mui is a close friend and her teacher in WuShu, the Martial Arts of renown.
1805 CE Japan
Māmā bīng journies to Japan to tour the monasteries and visit Kin
2015 CE Beijing, China
Legend Zǔmǔ calls Māmā bīng from her mountaintop den and sends her to the United States to find her brother. She leaves the Beast Courts on good terms.
2016 CE West Coast United States
She begins and overland trek to the East Coast following rumors of an ancient white fox.
June 2017 CE Midwest Umbra
Meets "The Road Less Traveled" in the Umbra and helps him find a lost Strider cub and delivering it to Dallas and stopping to visit her cousins.
2018 CE Philadelphia USA
She finds her Kin Kaizen and sets up a small den in the Fairmont Park Japanese Tea House. The Sept here has been destroyed utterly and she begins the long work of reclaiming it with the help of the the local Garou

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