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  • Alternative Names:
  • Embrace date: 1999
  • Generation: 10th Gen (via diablerie)
  • Clan: Was previously thought to be a Serpent, now known to be a Gangrel
  • Sire: revealed to be Marc Arsensault
  • Sect Affiliation: Sabbat
  • Current Location: East Central USA
  • ST Point of

General Information

  • Ductus
  • Pack: Chainsaws and Cheerios
  • Path: Humanity
  • Faction: Unblinded Brotherhood

Titles and Accolades

Known Childer

Past Locations

Privileged Information

Sabbat Lore:

  • Ductus of an all loyalist Pack
  • Reside in Wheeling, West Virginia
  • Only pack there.
  • Begrudgingly agreed to the Accords because the Independent Alliance could still be attacked.
  • Secret child of Marc Arsenault
  • For some reason went along with people thinking he was a Serpent of the Light.
  • Only known survivor of an attack by Regent Temoch's personal Black Hand Assassins
  • Questions remain on when he joined the Unblinded Brotherhood


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