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VST TW Masquerade



Information Known by the Camarilla
Clan: Ravnos
Social Class: Unknown



Manish is an Unaligned Ravnos Braham neonate spiritualist and occultist, Tarot readings, interprets dreams, fortune telling, religious studies and other, peaceful, services.

Manish is 4ft9 (145cm), they weigh about 90lbs (41 kgs), short black hair, glasses, they wear clothing appropriate to the decade for a businessperson, overlain with a traditional blue Sherwani jacket, when questioned about the jacket, they always say it is from inheritance from the Father… (OOC example of jacket = )

Current Activities


Running their hotel, assisting the local Camarilla Court, setting up and then running a refurbished spiritualist shop.

Basic Timeline

1941 = India = Mortal Birth

1942 to 1960 = India = Chetan’s mortal years growing and learning the trade of the Tribe.

1961 = India = Embraced by unknown sire who left soon after and left them with the Tribe

1962 = India = Grandmother Weaver (PC played by Jeremy Moffitt US2009094796) heard of the new aeroplanes coming from India into the states in the 1960's and took a trip. while wandering around he bumped into a nomadic tribe practising fortune telling, acrobatics etc... There she met a young person, named Chetan, recognised them as a short, untaught, unguided young kindred and stole them away, adopting them

1963 to 1970 = Grand Rapids Michigan = Chetan trained with their “adopted” Sire until Released in 1970, renamed Manish

1971 to 1974 = wandered around the USA, the tornadoes hit, killing hundreds of citizens (OOC ) and Manish is stuck in New York City…

1974 to 1984 = Stuck in New York, Manish wines and dines with socialites and ends up at a meeting in New York City and met Eli Zacchaeus (PC played by Matt Blank US2007039568). At his hotel, we chat about his business, and over the period, I learn the trade and set about setting up a branch somewhere in the world to extend the service.

1985 to 1999 = Headed to Canada and wondered around looking for a place to setup the hotel, many historical things occur in Canada at this time, but Manish avoids most of them. (OOC Source )

1986 Newfoundland, Canada. Manish organises the Tamil refugees (OOC = source ) as a mediator between them and the government, acts as a religious leader for the Tamil offering services, whilst they get settled. (OOC VIP spend “DPOTM Background Elements Played a large role in past real world historical event)

1987 = 1989 Canada, following on from the Tamil situation, Manish finds themself in need of documents and so they reache out and manages to come into contact with Jack Harrington, a Nosferatu specialist (PC played by Jason Cameron CA000090101) came to arrangement for Canadian and British documents for Manish.

1989 = Canada = Manish hears of what happens in Montreal and spends many months in meditation for the lost nurses. (OOC source )

1999 = Week of Nightmares – Manish spends the time in “aggressive” mediation, trying to purge the urge to seek out and kill fellow Clan-mates, spending the remaining of the year in turmoil, battling the Beast, the visions become worse, and more frequent.

31st December 1999 = Celebrates the Millennium… during the celebrations Manish suffers horrific visions and Nightmares

2000 to 2001 = Travelled to Grand Rapid Michigan to check on the adopted sire, Grandmother Weaver (PC played by Jeremy Moffitt US2009094796) seeking comfort following the last half of 1999 and the New Millennium visions in Canada, Manish spends a year with her, settling down and steeling their mind back from the brink.

2001 to 2002 = travel to the UK, spend some time wandering around, there are no “hotel’s” here, so I spend time looking for a city that will suit.

2002 to 2004 = Bradford and Leeds, UK, looked around for any fellow-Ravnos, as Manish had heard, managed to find some rumours but didn’t locate any to meet.

2005 to 2006 = Birmingham, UK, spent some time among similar culture to their own, this city was good grounds to settle but Manish had a disagreement on a Spiritual debate with a Giovanni and Manish was asked to leave the city.

2006 = Bristol, Manish enters the city and request an audience with Prince Howard about the idea for running a ghoul / kindred hotel within the boundaries of his authority, Howard agrees with a warning of “If I have to clean up any messes in the hotel, you'll pay heavily for such” and they become acquaintances

2006 to 2009 = Settles in Bristol, England, UK and over 2 years buys a hotel and sets it up for business, The Entertaining Swan.

2007 = Bristol, UK, The Entertaining Swan Soft Opening = Manish met many on this event, including Kincaid an Assamite (played by Luke Parsons WW1998090219), introductions are done and they find mutual interests in various matters and over a period of years become scholar-friends, meeting many times to discuss theology, astrology and other topics.

2008 = Bristol, The Entertaining Swan, a ghoul, Jenny (PC played by Sam Schroer WTG2017010001) arrives at the hotel, seeking a 24 hour stay, Manish was happy to provide. Over the following months Jenny returns and they spend much time together.

2009 = with the return of kindred to Bristol following the Infernalist’s fight, Manish provides a stop-gap to many of them, before they find their own Haven’s and territories, this leads to a lot of gratitude toward Manish and their name becomes well-known around the city for owning The Entertaining Swan (OOC Fame Level 1)

December 2009 = Bristol, Jenny disappears and Manish has a few weeks of horrific visions…

2010 to 2012 = Bristol Manish continues operating the hotel and opens a fortune telling / occult shop business with connections to various religious groups, sustaining Fame.

2011 = 6 months spent in Birmingham, UK, Manish returns to the city and seeks out the Giovanni, hoping to re-engage with them and sort out what happened in 2006… Manish was unable to locate the kindred seen in ’06 but is introduced to the Don and they come to an agreement.

2012 = Bristol, The Entertaining Swan = A celebration is held to honour the signing of the Chicago Blood Accord.

2012 = Bristol, The Entertaining Swan Hotel, Chicago Blood Accord celebration, Manish meets a Toreador, Dr Gardiner, they chat for a while on several topics

November 2012 = Bristol, The Entertaining Swan, kindred comes by the hotel and introduces herself as Jenny... Manish barely recognises the former ghoul, they reacquaint themselves and become friends, again.

2012 = 2017 = Bristol VSS, Manish spends all his time split between The Entertaining Swan, the shop and spending time with Jenny.

May 2017 = Bristol, Jenny and Manish meet again

May to December 2017 = the local Camarilla court takes shape and Manish attends the gatherings, they assist with some things for the Prince and makes some new business clientele. the Camarilla Court sees many changes

Jan to April 2018 = Manish concentrates on running the Hotel opening an Alternative Gift shop, with occult services provided, their name becomes more widely spread over the course. (OOC Fame Level 2)

Player: Garfield
Membership Number: WTGUK00110996

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