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Apocalypse PC

Player: [mailto: J.Noel US2002023854]
Character: Many-Faces
Auspice: Ragabash
Fera: Nuwisha
Position: None
Rank: Elder
Domain: Unconquered Sun
VST: [mailto: Monique Noel]

Ptah Jack Many-Faces

Notable Traits: As his name implies, Many-Faces wears many faces and forms, leaving others to rarely know when he is actually himself.

Pack: None

Society: Fera and The Garou Nation

Sept: The Sept of Huvarshta


Ptah Jack Many-Faces is an Elder of the Nuwisha.

Born a Coyote in California wine country, he walks as a man. And a Raven, a Salmon, a wolf, a rat...

As a young Coyote-born Nuwisha, he went to school with humans (calling himself Jack) to learn to pass as one of them. That and 1980's television.

As Loki Jack Many-Faces, he taught lessons to rural humans who killed and poisoned Coyotes, and pranked the Wyrm among them.

As Ti-Malice Jack Many-Faces, he taught lessons to the humans of the cities, caught in the Weaver's web, who had forgotten the Wyld, and needed to remember that the Wyld had not forgotten them.

As Raven Jack Many-Faces, he traveled the Deep Umbra and when he returned, taught lessons to Garou and Fera alike as they came together around the few Caern Shards in the wake of the onslaught of the Wyrm.

As Ptah Jack Many-Faces, he furthers the ways and lessons of Coyote as the world burns during the end of the Age of Apocalypse.


  • He is not really a Nuwisha, but a Coyote spirit.
  • He is scared of Cougars (but finds smaller cats delicious).
  • In the 80's he was behind a series of murders involving farmers dying by cyanide poisoning (often used in Coyote traps).
  • His years in the Deep Umbra was less of a spiritual journey, and more him getting lost.
  • He once tricked the powerful sprit, the Eater of Suns, into swallowing him whole.
  • Part of his name as an Elder, Ptah, was given to him by Old Man Coyote himself, likely as a joke.
  • He is not, in fact, a "Super Genius".
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