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Many Stones, Get of Fenris

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Ulrich "Many Stones" Gorman
Notable Traits: Legendary Lineage (Golgol Fangs-First)
Pack: Alpha of the Crucible
Society: Sanctum of Gaia
Sept Jarl of the Sept of Storm's Shelter


Ulrich Gorman, known to the nation as \'Many Stones\' was born in West Germany in 1987. His mother, kinfolk to the Fenrir, had a brief fling with the legendary Golgol Fangs-First. It was a short lived, summer \'romance\'. It wasn't long before he had Garou business to do, and he was gone. Ulrich\'s mother never saw him again. Ulrich never knew his father.

Life moves on, as it does. His mother met and married an American Airman. His new stepfather, Master Sergeant Andrew Bullock. Even as a small child, his stepfather didn't like him. Whether it was the fact that he was another man\'s child or an early sign of the Curse to come was hard to tell. Even so, he didn\'t lack anything a growing boy needed, except positive guidance from a father figure.

After the Wall fell, his stepfather was discharged from the Air Force and moved back to the States, settling in Minneapolis. What he did for work, Ulrich couldn\'t say. He and his mother were provided for, a comfortable middle class life. Well, as comfortable as a boy can be with the growing curse and a scornful parent.

Time went by, and Ulrich turned seventeen. This is when everything changed. One night, the moon high in the sky, his stepfather began the old \'lazy teenager\' argument. The one difference is that he actually struck Ulrich. It was the last thing he ever did. Rage took the teenager, and the terrible grey Crinos reduced the human to bloody chunks. It was a trauma when he came to, and it was added on when the Garou showed up. His mother had told him things, when his stepfather wasn't around, so he wasn't unprepared, but no one is prepared for that. They took him, and they taught him.

He took to his cub-hood like a fish to water. He learned, sweat and bled. His heritage showed, much was expected of him. He\'s not perfect, everyone stumbles, but Fenris accepted him into his tribe, he was granted a name. In his pack of other Cubs, he was the nexus, the hub. A born leader, he was skilled at aiming the strengths of others and augmenting it with his own. A stone is strong, but a mountain is invincible. He emerged with his pack, regarded as Many Stones. Many stones make the mountain, and it\'s this idea that he lives his life.

It\'s also this idea that led him to almost throw in with the Concordiat. The Garou are strong, but when all of Gaia\'s children stand together, they are invincible. It\'s this idea, this philosophy that drives him in his life and dealings with the Nation. By turns genial and gregarious, when strife rears its ugly head, he is the first to make the parties sit down and resolve things. Or he will resolve them. They may not like that.

Just this year, he was contacted by someone he owed a favor. He was asked to go to Des Moines. To form a pack for the purpose of training a young Glasswalker into a true leader. He will do that and more.


  • He's possessed by the Ancestor Spirit of his father.
  • His cheerful and gregarious nature is a front. He's actually a giant assbag.
  • After vanquishing a Thunderwyrm in combat, he started crouching and standing over it, as if he were an avatar from the videogame Call of Duty.
  • He and One Stone Short have a Batman/Joker relationship.
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  • "I'm not very enthused of the idea of spending time with Growly McYelly pants, but if that is what you want us to do I'll be there." - Ember after being assigned to help Many Stones with cub tasks to give him time to do important things
  • “Decent guy, occasionally worth listening to his orders. 7/10.” - Roaring V8
  • "He and The Margrave took charge while my elders among the Silver Fangs squabbled. He is proof that skilled leadership can be found in any tribe. He has my respect." - William Henry Howard
  • "Quite nice though we didn't really get to talk much this time around. I hope he enjoyed the food." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "Leaders who don't need to show it off are the most dangerous ones. The Nation could work with this." - Matthew "Foxhole" Levine
  • "In all my time in Des Moines, Many Stones never gave me a reason to complain. He's bright, fair, and humble enough to defer to other expertise when needed. Why couldn't he be the Jarl of Jarls?" - 'Spector
  • He's a wise and kind man when he wants to be. He also gives wicked speeches! I'm honored to have been part of a battle with him - Azumi Akahoshi
  • He might be the smartest sept leader ever...I mean he keeps rats around and lets us show up to things and doesn't ask to many questions about how we get things done. - Nine
  • "He was very friendly and fashionable. I hope to meet him again soon." - Thaddeus Balthazar
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Playlist - Battle Hymn of the Nation

  • News From The Front - Bad Religion: Ignorance is the root of fear/Fear is the kindling of anger
  • Superman's Dead - Our Lady Peace: An ordinary boy an ordinary name/But ordinary's just not good enough today
  • What You Live By - Harvey Danger: We could talk about the lives we've led/And count the reason's we're not dead/Or maybe we could talk instead about the ways in which we are
  • Hold Back The Night - The Protomen: And I know we won't fight alone/And the spark that we carry will turn the dark into/A flame, a fire, a light
  • War - Poets of the Fall: When I thought that I fought this war alone/You were there by my side on the front line
  • Testament - VNV Nation: And if you think we're the future, that we build tomorrow/When was the last day without a war?/We speak of greatness that we have never been
  • Landslide - Smashing Pumpkins: Can the child within my heart rise above?/Can I sail through the changin' ocean tides?/Can I handle the seasons of my life?
  • Dearly Beloved (Acoustic) - Bad Religion: Do you know my name - sing a light refrain/For a man estranged - I won't deny that I'm inclined to isolate
  • Regulate - Warren G, Nate Dogg: (The Crucible) I gotta come up real quick before they start to clown/I best pull out my strap and lay them busters down
  • 21 Guns - Green Day (Self Evident): Did someone break your heart inside?/You're in ruins
  • The Phoenix - Fall Out Boy (Laughs In Spanish): Hey Youngblood doesn’t it feel like our time is running out/I’m going to change you like a remix/Then I’ll raise you like a phoenix
  • Someone To Hate - Demon Hunter (Chill Of The Grave): I will carry the weight/I will bury your deception with a wrathful hand
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OOC Information

Player: John Prutzman
Player Email:
Storyteller: Dennis Martin
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Location: Des Moines, Iowa