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Mara Nordahl


Deathly pale and a little bit swollen, like a corpse just beginning to rot. You could call Mara Nordahl delicate, but only if you were trying not to mention the huge red veins all over her body. There's no resemblance to any mortal circulatory system and no life or movement in the blood. Still, considering how she dresses, this Nosferatu seems quite pleased with her horrific appearance.


  • 1916 - Born, as a mundane resident of New York City
  • 1944 - Embraced
  • 1962 - Mara begins traveling as well as spending time in the Camarilla parts of New York City
  • 2017 - Mara agrees to act as Sheriff when the Assamites come to power in the city
  • 2018 - Mara destroys a blood-hunted plague carrier in New York, after the majority of the court weakened but could not kill the creature in pitched battle
  • 2018-2019 - Mara disappears from the city after destroying a long-hunted infernalist, and only returns after the change in praxis.
  • 2019 - Mara is repeatedly voted in and out as the Harpy of New York City.
  • Currently - Mara seems to be traveling a great deal. She is rarely seen in New York City.


  • Mara's personal art collection includes pieces by the former Prince, Čerik Maraslav
  • Mara starts a new anonymous photography collective every few years and distributes her work through the ones that survive.
  • Mara collects boons owed by other Nosferatu as part of a soft-hearted effort to keep the clan neutral. She'll even pay extra for a secondhand Nosferatu boon.
  • There's a regular betting pool in the Warrens on how many Elysium visits Mara can go without picking a fight with a Toreador.
  • Mara spent part of the 2018 Founder's Ball with a Settite following her around as if enthralled.


  • An Elder staked their reputation and my trust on Mara being able to do what I need done. We'll see if she lives up to the hype." - Mendo
  • "Although I don’t know her that well I can certainly attest to the fact that she demonstrates an uncanny knack at finding the most intriguing conversations." - Cyrus Eddington
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Quotes As Sheriff:

  • "Mara has the irritating knack for being where you don't want her to be, seeing things you don't want her to see, and knowing things you don't want her to know. Which will make her a model long as those knacks don't get her killed." - Elder Prince Rider
  • "מארה היא שמה והמידע הוא הכפייה והחובה שלה" - Shira Hadar
  • One of the first kindred I met at the Court of New York, and she certainly made an impression. Ms. Nordahl has a remarkable sort of charm, and dealing with her is both gratifying as a Kindred and essential as a member of this Court. That may explain how she is so inescapably deft at gathering and brokering information.” - Leon Astorio
  • "Mara's smart and sneaky, which are good qualities in a vampire--but she's so smart and so sneaky that I feel like she doesn't know how to come at things straightforward instead of sideways.” - Kyle Morgan
  • "It would seem Nordahl is attempting to affect that acerbic wit her clan is famous for. I don't take it personally - if I looked like her, I'd try to be funny as well." - Luca Muscato
  • "Curious, ambitious, and reserved she has the makings of an Elder, all she needs is the scars." - Atticus
  • "The title's about right. If this town had more saloon doors, I've no doubt Mara'd be kickin' 'em in." - Oxlahun Ollin
  • "Mara breaks the stereotype of the typical loyalist, brute Sheriff. She's effective through information brokerage, not brute force. And can corroborate with anyone regardless of sect or position. To her, anyone can be a source of valuable information. Of course, she is right." - Mihai
  • "Mara. Yeah. She calls it negotiating for info or assisting the Praxis. Feels more like extortion to me." - Richard Holt
  • "You may not see Mara. You may not hear her speak. But she is there, and she is watching, and she doesn't forget." - Macha Ruad
  • "I hear there's a problem in the city one minute, and the next minute I hear that Mara's taken care of it. Whoever built this well-oiled machine deserves an award." - Bartleby Crane

Quotes As A Young Kindred

  • If one were to listen to common rumors, one might foolishly presume that the Toreador are the only worthwhile artists among the Kindred. One would have to look only once at Fraulein Nordahl's photography to realize that they were mistaken. Her art is as formidable as any I've seen.. and I've seen a great deal. As far as whispers that she sometimes pursues more nefarious activities - the fallacy has been proven of believing every rumor you hear." -Stefan Hoffman




Storyteller: Errol L.
Location: Trenton, NJ

Other PCs:

NYC Masquerade: Valentine "Val" Douglas
NYC Apocalypse: Sidney Wards-the-Bridges
NYC Space: K.C. Gatewatcher