Marcela Andrade de Vega

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Marcela Andrade de Vega

Clan: Lasombra
Lineage: House Parcae
Sect: Sabbat
Pack: Rock and a Hard Place
Class: Neonate
Faction: Ultra-Conservative
Titles: Bishop of Spirituality, Priest
Player: Casey O.
Diocese: Tarrant County, TX
VST: Andrew Fowler


Description and Notable Traits

  • She is a solemn, dignified young woman that carries herself as one who demands respect.
  • Though her native tongue is Spanish, she speaks English with little hint of an accent.
  • It is clear that she is on a path.
  • Her modest dress cannot hide her otherworldly beauty (Angelic Visage).
  • The unearthly scent of roses just at the sickly-sweet point of decay follows her wherever she goes (Eerie Presence).

Status Traits


  • Initiated into the Sabbat


  • Blessed/Enforcer as Bishop of Spirituality for the Tarrant County Diocese
  • Ordianed as a Priest of her pack


  • Loyal from Ductus Tony Marcovich
  • Loyal per Cardinal Jaggedy Andy for her effort in taking back Calgary
  • Courageous from Archbishop Barrows
  • Devout from Archbishop Barrows
  • Triumphant for killing the target of a War Party


Marcela is the victim of amnesia thanks to years of brutal training and tests that readied her for the Path of Righteous Night. She has no recollection of being a mortal and has found little interest in delving into that past. She believes she was born in Colonial Mexico in the 1750s based on her apparent age and the small things her sire let slip over the course of their time together. Her first recollections are of Mexico City, though she would go on to spend a significant amount of time in Guadalajara and Juarez, often coming back to those cities between time spent in southern Texas.

Lineage: House Parcae



  • Clan Lasombra Lore: She is a known Abyss Mystic.
  • She has diablerie veins in her aura.
  • She gained her Triumphant status from diablerizing the elder Setite hierophant target of her diocese's War Party.
  • She is actively looking for a new pack.


Things the Shadows Overhear

  • "I don't know this Cainite, but for my Order, that is a very good thing for them. Of course, that means I need to head to her Diocese and investigate things just to be sure that is a good thing now." - Gabriel Thompson
  • "You've always been a stabilizing force for this diocese." - Kara Wells, at a local gather.
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