March to the Fight

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March to the Fight

Tillie Ó Floinn,
Damage Control,
Elgan Ó Floinn,
Erecul Tophroi,
Michael Olsen "Arbiter of Malice",
Peace Maker,
Tameka Prete,
Tesix six,
and myself.

With bare moments of warning from Tillie’s vision telling of attack and a death looming, those gathered prepared to defend others or attack what might appear. Unknowing what the trouble may be but knowing it would be big and soon.

Erecul listens to warning words on the air from others unseen, while Tillie is cared for. Armour and weapons other than claws are worn and readied.

Damage Control changing up to Glabro and doing what he could to taunt the beast when it showed itself. Stags-Fury singing to himself while readying to fight shifts to Hispo.

Elgan standing by in Armour and pistols ready. External kin come running into the area for cover and safety behind the Garou and shifters at the Sept.

Galliards and Theurge prepare to help the Ahroun and Ragabash in the fight, all working as a team under the direction of Jarl Olsen, the Sept Leader.

The beast, a LARGE Crinos black-furred werewolf, with black-silver-like spirals covering it body bursts through the trees at the edge of the gathering.

Erecul seeing the Crinos black furred monster roars and shifts up himself to Hispo form, having stopped as requested but ensuring he is blocking the path of the beast to the kinfolk.

Other Ahroun and Ragabash move forward as planned to keep the beast from the kin, and all supported by the rest of the gathering.

With a might sweep of its claws, it tries to hit DC but misses in its rage to hurt something... DC moves out of the way of the claws, still looking calm and serene in his expression and movements.

Arbiter of Malice looks up at the moon with a smile to himself. Elgan moves up and fires off his gun. Tesix on arrival immediately jumps into the Fray with his claws. Erecul lets out a howl of rage and anger at the black monster, calling on the spirits of judgement and wrath to help punish the Dancer who has betrayed its purpose, before rushing forward, swiping through the air with his mighty silver gleaming claws and sinking deep into the monsters flesh.

The Huge Hispo being Stags-Fury lets out a deafening sound of ferocity and Fury as he leaps forward and bits into the BSD.

A scream of rage and hate and sorrow in sound attacks at the BSD. A loud mournful wail that the voice knocks back the creature away from the kin tables. The beast places its hands over its ears, staggers back a couple of paces and screams in rage and pain of its own.

More taunts, more dodges, more attacks, more howls of rage as the beast again tries to attack its foes and misses. Attacks and nimble avoidance from many as the fight became fast and rage floods through all. Even so, the beast does get in some hard attacks. Tesix, Peace Maker, Tillie and Tameka, the Healers making sure to keep the damaged able to fight without serious complications.

Once again Stags-Fury proves that he is a true warrior as he takes a big chunk of the BSD Hide snarling and biting, unearthly Roar of Excitement of the battle. Arbiter of Malice expert knives slashing repeatedly into the hide of the enemy. Elgan, changing from his guns to Dire Wolf who gnaws and fights the BSD, clearly trying to take the brunt of the damage away from others.

There is a lot of fighting, lots of healing, screaming sprays of blood but eventually, the beastie dies and falls into a crumple of flesh… This Monumental battle was hard for all but well fought, ending in victory for the Nation’s defenders. The metis spiral was no more. And then it was time for the cleansing circle.

This story was of the night of the March gathering in Oak Vale.

The above I speak as true to my memory,

I am
Naomi "Ancestral Wisdom" O'Mannion
Galliard Talesinger of Oak Vale
Athro, Born of Fianna, Bitten into the Nation


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