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Name: Marco Giovanni
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Status: Accredited, Prominent, Venerated, Cerberus
Coterie: The Four Horsemen (rumored)
Role in the Family: Resource manager
Lineage: Eminence Grise


Player: Jason G.
Member #: US2002021326
Storyteller: Chris G.
Coordinator: Tobias G


  • Meyer Lansky
  • Malcolm Merlyn

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Marco appears to be in his early 40's. He is always dressed nicely and he has an imposing build. To his family at least he appears to be the uncle everyone wants to be around until someones messed up; then, Marco's lighthearted demeanor becomes something more sinister. He is loyal to his family first, then to his Sect. To him, a deal is not finished till contracts are signed.

Marco is the Virago of the Independent Alliance in Olympia, WA. He and his Lineage, Eminence Grise, are Resource Managers for the Family. If a member of the Family needs a reliable bank, accountant, or a contract negotiated, they come to him or his Line.

He is rumored to be the conscience of his Coterie, yet does not at least publicly claim to be in one.

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  • 1150 – Marco was born the 4th son of a family of 5 Children.
  • 1150 – 1160 – Marco grew up being teased by his older brothers he was smaller than them and was sickly as a child, he learned to hide his contempt for them and tried to find ways to get them in trouble. His only reprieve was from his sister who treated him with respect. Marco eventually started to have feelings for his sister, but never voiced them staying silent and worshiping her from afar.
  • 1161 – Marco takes on an apprenticeship from his Uncle Stephan who was a merchant.
  • 1161 – 1167 – Marco learns a lot from his Uncle becoming quite versed in the book keeping, and paperwork. Through this time he was still the ridicule of his brothers, eventually he stood up to one of them one day and nearly beat him to death, Marco being scared of getting in trouble ran off hiding in the tombs below the family house. While there he found old records of the families holdings. Eventually he was found and punished for his actions with his brother, though that day he did not know he caught the eye of Ignazio Giovanni who began to watch him.
  • 1175 – Since Marco took over Stephan’s businesses he had grown his business almost 5 fold, of course it helped he had developed a small gang of thieves, thugs, and other unsavory likes to help muscle out the competition, occasionally handling things personally. It was late in this year he was invited to a private family gathering, he was brought forth before one of the more luminary members of the family and had a face to face with Ignazio himself. Ignazio explained he had been watching him and was impressed with his style of business and then explained the truth behind the family. Ignazio called in Stephan and told him to give Marco the proxy, Marco not knowing what to do and in fear he’d be killed drank from Stephan becoming a Ghoul to the family, Stephan was to guide Marco with a special project Ignazio had wanted to happen. With that Marco was given access to a large amount of the Families resources and some of their assets to see what he could do with them.
  • 1293 – 1445 – Marco increases the holdings, assets and resources he was given into a substantial amount though cunning, ruthlessness and out right crafty negotiating. Deciding to embrace some of their best and brightest after the ascension of the family to true Clan hood Marco was called to a family gathering where he was promoted within the family by being embraced my Ignazio Giovanni. Marco was given even more access to the families holding, resources and assets to which he came up with the idea to become a banker for the family taking in any resources or assets of any type to help further the families goals worldwide.
  • 1446 -1779 – Moved to Zurich establishing a powerbase for the Family, during this time he made many contacts with various Independent Clans offering his services as he branched out from just Family business. In 1770 he met with a Tremere who wished to move some of his holdings though a third party hoping to not catch the attention of certain members of his Clan, of these were several heretical items to the Camarilla. It was during this time Marco leveraged the information he had to learn Thaumaturgy, learning the use of some of its capabilities Marco naturally wanted to learn this to better secure his business.
  • 1780 – 1914 – Marco moved to Geneva moving his “bank” there, he continued to do business there Taking on any Giovanni apprentices he could as fortunes had amassed to levels that one individual could not keep track of it all.
  • 1914 - Marco travels to Olympia, WA under the orders of his Sire, Ignazio see’s potential in the area as it is the Capital of the State, he wanted to get in on the ground floor before too many Kindred came to the area.

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  • "Never marry anyone crazier than you. I've broken that rule twice with the same gal... God, I miss my cousin."
  • -"Your quote here." - Character Name

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  • Marco is part of a very influential Coterie rumored to be called the Four Horsemen.
  • Marco has a spy network that reaches all over the world that has infiltrated all the Vampire Sects.

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