Marcus Antoninus

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People think money is power - they're wrong. Power is power. Money is a fool's substitute.


Character Information

Name: Marcus Antoninus

Clan: Ventrue

Sect: Camarilla

City: Montreal

Notable Traits
You will rarely see Marcus without a drink in his hand. A Manhattan is his cocktail of choice, but rather than spearing the cherry for garnish, he prefers it crushed against the side of the glass. He's soft spoken and charming, speaking with a deep, gentle southeastern drawl. He is almost never seen without a jacket of some kind, even managing to "suit up" appropriately for a Hawaiian shirt party hosted by Montreal's Anarchs. He's also known to play the piano in his introspective moments.


Marcus was embraced in Toronto ten years ago. About six years into his training, something strange happened. A girl came to the door selling magazine subscriptions, and Marcus' sire told Marcus to "make her go away." First he was talking to her. The next thing he knew, he WAS her - walking away from the door and into the night. When he awoke from this experience, he told his sire. The last words he heard his sire utter for two years were "I must think on this." The next (and last) two sentences would be the last. "I am sending you to Montreal, to be trained by Cornelia Mowebary. The car will take you to the airport." A few months later, Elder Mowebary had been murdered, and Marcus was left to his own devices. All things being equal, he's done fairly well for himself. He has yet to Possess anyone again.

Pastimes of a King

Businesses Owned

A good Ventrue has his hand in any number of pies. Marcus is no different. Current known holdings:

Executive Outcomes Security Consulting
Tanaka Sushi Parlour

The King's Entourage

Cornelia Mowebary, Ventrue (RIP)
Doris Ashview, Daughters of Cacaphony (RIP)
Mr. Blackett, Toreador
Thaddeus Moreau, Tremere
Mary Kilian, Toreador
Simon Walker, Daughters of Cacaphony (RIP?)
Madeleine Tonnerre, Daughters of Cacaphony
Dotty Woods, Malkavian

Rumors of a King

  • He stole his favorite car from a Toreador with whom he has a friendly rivalry - leaving a 1984 Plymouth Reliant in the garage in its place.

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  • "You know very well what they say about idle hands. Mr. Antoninus will not be caught dead giving life to that particular idiom... especially not when I have a word to say about it. Here's a piece of advice: if you want something done well and fast, go to the busiest person you know." -Thaddeus Moreau
  • "I have entered a room, to find out whatever the troubling situation of the evening may be. I find myself ready to spring into action to protect the Tower, the Masquerade, or both. My driver informs me Mr. Anoninus is already attending to the situation. I therefore ask for a cupper instead of my revolver. What a wholly capable example of a Ventrue." -Mr. Blackett, Archon to Justicar Purissimma Giess
  • "The easiest way to have eyes and ears on everything is to have the most informed Kindred wrapped around your little finger. Bonus points when it is not a chore." - Mary Kilian

OOC Information

Influences: Frank Underwood, Lucifer Morningstar, Mr. Wednesday, Harry Hart


Personal Theme: Omerta Swan Song: My Way Party Theme: Mexico Victory March: Carolus Rex

Player: Jason Tucker

Member Number: CA2018012001

St email: Location: Montreal

Executive Outcomes Security Consultants


Electronic Intelligence


Covert Surveillance