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The Bounty Hunter

Name: Marcus Cain.
Supernatural Type: Beast, Anakim Predator

Notable Traits:

  • Air of Menace (7)
  • A large man (Size 6)

Marcus Cain has been a part of the Supernatural community for more than two decades. Working as a bail bonds agent and bounty hunter he has helped more than one young Supernatural learn of their new larger world. He is known to be friendly and welcoming to Supernaturals who he refers to as his cousins. Also, he's a complete ass.

Wards of the Beast: Those Marcus has claimed as under his protection.

Words from the Universe


  • "In a world full of monsters, Marcus is my favorite person to have my back, as he's often scarier than them. Also he has great rates." - Isaic Lazul
  • "Sometimes, you do whatever it takes to protect Family." - The Professor
  • "Listen, it's not my fault that my brother is better than yours." - Juliette Morrison
  • "Marcus is one o' them Beasts, an' he's...a bit intense when he's bein' nahce. Ah'd not recommend pissin' 'im off. Though Ah'd pay ta see it." - Hermes
  • "I don't trust him, but I trust his motives. That's a damn sight better than most." - Luke Fisker
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  • He once worked as a bounty hunter for a mob boss.
  • He was hired by the government once to track down a terrorist.
  • An superb warrior, he's only ever been defeated once, and it was by a blind man.

OOC Information

Player: Tyler S.
MES Number: US2017070022
Location: Austin, TX
Please contact for ties.

This Wiki is for a fictional character to be played in the Mind's Eye Society CoD-X game. All resemblance to a person, real or fictional, is unintentional.

Marcus Cain

Breed: Beast
Family: Anakim
Hunger: Predators
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Tyler S.
VST: Austin CoD-X VST