Marcus Flavius Scipio

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Marcus Flavius Scipio

Clan: Lasombra
Location: Sheffield
House: House Flavius
Sect Position: N/A
Faction: Ultra Conservative
Path: Path of Honourable Accord
Pack: TBD
Pack Postion: TBD

Profile: A member of the Sabbat since its inception, Marcus Flavius Scipio is a veteran mortal soldier and longstanding Sabbat soldier that has withdrawn from an active frontline combatant role to military strategist role and Sabbat general unless his involvement as a combatant is necessary.


1346-1350 - [Europe] Black Death
1405 - [Castle of Shadows] The Castle was attacked by Anarchs with the aid of some Assamites, led by the Antediluvian's own childe, Gratiano.
1492 - [Silchester, UK] Sacking of Silchester - Marcus is present.
1493 - [Thorns, UK] At the Convention of Thorns, the Inner Circle declared the Antediluvians to be creatures of myth. Prophecies and histories contained within the Book of Nod studied or espoused by Camarilla members resulted in execution. Marcus Flavius Scipio, unwilling to compromise or acknowledge the authority of the Camarilla, joined the Sabbat. It was then that he realised that the Lasombra required more individuals like him: clandestine operatives, generals, murderers, soldiers and strategists. From the creation of the Sabbat, Marcus Flavius Scipio set about filling the ranks of the Sabbat with Lasombra like him.
1600s - [Sabbat] The Sabbat sees the beginnings of internal division with the rise of the Ultra Conservative and Loyalist factions. The Ignoblis Ritae is birthed among the Sabbat of the New World based on the shamanistic practices of the native peoples.
1666 - [Switzerland] The Sabbat formalizes the modern Paths of Enlightenment out of the old Roads at a meeting at the Black Monastery in Switzerland. Though the Sabbat has a formidable hold over Spain, territories in Eastern Europe, and Scandinavia, most packs travel across to the New World. For a while, the Sect flourishes in the evolving colonies. However, internal struggles between the Lasombra and Tzimisce Clans begin to undermine the Sect’s stability.
1768[Sabbat] The First Sabbat Civil War: Discord within the sect sparked great controversy and reformation. The First Sabbat Civil War was fought between the Lasombra and Tzimisce clans, primarily focusing on resources, territory, and the right to rule the sect.
1803[Sabbat] The Second Sabbat Civil War: The first attempt to create sect law in the Sabbat was codified in a document titled the Purchase Pact. That treaty was signed in 1803, but its text stated that a sect member could be declared a traitor by “a duly recognized Bishop, Archbishop, or elder of the sect.” It was this terminology that set off the Second Sabbat Civil War. Cainites saw the Purchase Pact as an attempt to reverse Sabbat doctrine and restore the tyranny of elders, the very source of the Anarch Revolt.
1933[Milan, Italy] The Code of Milan: "In 1933, the Sabbat convened another synod, this time in New York (a city the sect had managed to hold against the best efforts of the Camarilla). There, the Sabbat rededicated itself to freedom, unity, and the religion of Caine. Adherents to the Path of Honorable Accord within the sect had long espoused a return to code and law, championing their internal doctrine, a three-book text from the 11th century known as the Code of Milan."
1957[Sabbat] The Third Sabbat Civil War: A failed coup by a Brujah antitribu who attempt to seize the Regent’s throne and revoke the Code of Milan.
1994 - [Mexico City] 43 Sabbbat are killed in Mexico City.
2000 - [Sabbat] Regent Melinda Galbraith is slain at Palla Grande by unknown parties under rumors of infernalism. She is briefly Impersonated by Zachary Sikorsky. Temoch the Jackal rises as the Sixth Regent and announces a Crusade and mass embrace, resulting in the capture of various cities.
2000 - [Sheffield, UK] Sheffield is besieged by mortal hunters. Sheffield becomes devastated by their influence as every other Kindred city in the United Kingdom with the difference that a handful of higher ranking Kindred manage to flee to the far islands of northern Scotland, going to ground there and surviving until the conflict was over.
2001 - [Sheffield, UK] Marcus hears of the devastation of the Sabbbat in Sheffield and travels there to bolster the Sect's numbers.
2008 - [Sabbat] Change in Sect Policy: forbiddance of mass embraces, enforcing the silence of the blood and crusades may only be sanctioned by the Regent.
2009 - [Sabbat] Synod of Hounds: The Sabbat gather for the Synod of Hounds, confirming the 13 modern Auctoritas Ritae and the Steps of Monomacy.
2012 - [Chicago, USA] The Blood Accord between the Camarilla and the Sabbat is signed by the Justicars and the Priscus Council in Chicago. Marcus reflects on the Blood Accord as a deep betrayal of Sabbat values. While he begrudgingly accepts that the Priscus Council have bound the Sabbat to a magical contract that prevents hostilities between the Sabbat and the Camarilla, he is aware that the contract is due to expire in 2019 so it is important that the Sabbat are battle ready.
2013 - [Sabbat] Temoch the Jackal declares boons to be a valid weapon of fighting the Sabbat's enemies.
2015 - [Sheffield, UK] Campaign against Bradford - Ravnos/Assamite stronghold.
2017 - [Sheffield, UK] Campaign against Carlisle - Non-Camarilla location