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Common Knowledge

City:San Diego, Ca
Player:Joseph Carl White II

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Name: Marcus Kostikolv

Aliases: None

Clan: Malkavian

Sect: Camarilla

Embraced: October 1535

Current Location: San Diego, Ca

Position(s): Harpy of San Diego

Abiding Status: Sovereign, Authority, Commander

Fleeting Status: Triumphant, Favored, Courteous, Honorable, Loyal

Background: Marcus is someone most find intimidating not because of his size or stature, but his calm dull demeanor and eyes that seem to never leave you. Born 03/27/1508 in Moscow, Russia and embraced 10/31/1535, Marcus relocated to the US in 1945 and travelling w/ his sire. He has always been loyal to the tower and takes his station as an elder seriously trying to help mold the younger generations into the type of Kindred that the Camarilla needs.

You may have heard ...

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Lineage: House Llenyddiaethau


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  • Is possibly a ghost, haunting his old court.


  • "Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."
  • "There is only one true Marcus."
  • "If you want to be happy, be."
  • "Your mind is nothing more than my playground."

Trusted Allies

  • "Czar Marcus has been one of the more driving personalities in this city, one of my most interesting pati - friends - and his trust in this court is not unfounded." - Dr. Villanueva
  • "An oddly jolly individual, and certainly mad, though I find that there is nothing monkish about him, despite rumors to the contrary." - Basir Khorram-Din
  • Feel free to add yourself to any listing above ...


  • Feel free to add yourself to any listing above ...

Courtesies of the Czar of San Diego


City Position

  • Czar = Prince
    • Iron Fang = Czar's Personal Guard
  • Count = Seneschal
  • Commandant = Sheriff
  • Marshal = Keeper of Elysium
  • Chamberlin = Primogen
  • Chancellor = Harpy
  • Blood Tracker = Scourge

City Rules

  • All Pillar Clans shall appoint their own Chamberlin to the War Council. The Czar reserves the right to refuse or remove any or all Chamberlin from the Council.
  • Any non Pillar Clan may have a Chamberlin appointed the War Council at the Prince’s discretion.
  • All Kindred within the Domain shall be brought before the Czar for Acknowledgement in residency or Hospitality in visitation no more than one week after arrival. Failure to do so will result in prestation paid to the Czar, their Chamberlain and the Chancellor. In addition all Kindred traveling through the Domain shall report said movement to their Chamberlain or the Commandant.
  • All known Caitiff not under patronage of a Chamberlain are persona non grata.
  • All kindred in the Domain are barred from entering into any arrangement with non kindred supernatural entities. This restriction can be lifted by the Czar on an individual basis.
  • All kindred are similarly barred from attempting to leverage mortal warriors, known to most as Hunters, against kindred of the Domain.
  • Any trafficking with the Infernal shall result in an immediate Blood Hunt.
  • Any Kindred either Honorable or Triumphant may approach and speak to any member of the court as if they also held the Established Status.
  • Any breaches of the Masquerade MUST be reported to both the Czar and the Commandant immediately. Any assistance by the Commandant to cover up said breaches WILL result in prestation being paid.

Out of Character Information

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Player: Joseph Carl White II
Membership Number: US2005053478
Location: San Diego, CA
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