Marcus Sordid

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Character Information

Name: Marcus
Clan: Caitiff
Born: 1300

Embraced: 1356

Notable interests: Linguistics and Medicine
Noticeable traits:

Information Known by Kindred Society

Marcus has been around for a long time and has an uncanny ability to fit in almost anywhere. He prefers to be unknown, working from the shadows as part of infiltration teams to lay the ground work for people to establish themselves in cities. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty, if he has to.

General Timeline

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  • 1300 - Born in Italy.
  • 1356 - Embraced.
    • 1357-1439 - Tortured and experimented on.
  • 1439- 1493 - Anarch Revolt
  • 1493- 1804 - Sabbat
    • 1804 - Leaves Sabbat because of events leading to Second Civil War.
  • 1805 to present - Becomes unaligned and fades from active involvement.


  • Sire - Unknown
    • Childer - Unknown




  • He is older that most of his kind.
  • He no longer knows his own history.
  • He is a mercenary with very few loyalties other than his next payday.
  • He is not an individual Kindred/Cainite but an identity used by many individuals over the years to mask activities.
  • He faded from active involvement to repent for some of his more questionable actions.
  • He faded from active involvement to play a very twisted long game.


  • "For the right price... anything is possible."


Any and all types are welcome.

  • Did you happen to be one of the folks who experimented on him?
  • Did he Sire you?
  • Allies
  • Enemies
  • Former Packmate
  • Former Anarch Revolt ally?

OOC Information

Player: Glen D.

MES Number: US2002116854

Location: Baton Rouge, LA