Marcus Stratos

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Name: Marcus Stratos

Notable Traits: Always followed by a young woman in a business suit.

Society: House Martel

Clan: Ventrue


Raised in Cyprus just before the Greek War for Independence to a Muslim Merchant and his wife, Marcus was a shrewd boy who grew into a shrewd man. The events in his homeland caused him to resent violence, and engage in every activity that would teach him to diffuse those situations. His head for business drew the attention of a Ventrue woman, and after a year of contact and education, she embraced him into the Clan of Kings. After his 40 years of training, he maintained relations with his Sire, and his House, cooperating to ensure strong business under their command. He traveled to Washington recently to cultivate the families businesses.


  • "Even Rome knew that keeping the people well fed and entertained is the key to a stable economy."
  • "I've always believed in Civil Rights, humans never could grasp the idea that appearance does not indicate usefulness."
  • "Manual labor? Never touched the stuff, fish fuck in it."


  • Marcus isn't Ventrue, he's an Ishtarri who works with the Kings.
  • Marcus' retainer is actually his estranged wife who he forced into a blood bond after embracing her.
  • Marcus is the nicest man you'll ever meet. His preferred humans are Orphans.
  • Marcus doesn't actually know how to sail. He just dominates you into thinking you're out at sea.


OOC Information

Player: Jason Viss

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Storyteller: Jacob Kestner

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Location: Tri-cities, WA ]