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Commonly Known Information

Name: Marcus Vorenus

Clan: Toreador

Line: Toreador > Michael the Patriach > Enimachia > Iolanthe > Marcus Vorenus

Sect: Camarilla

Social Class: Master Elder

Status: Confirmed (Abiding), Established (Abiding), Privileged (Abiding)

Apparent Age: Mid 30's

Notable Traits: Eerie Presence - Physical contact makes you feel as if your skin is crawling, Clearly Inhuman (On a Path)


Marcus Vorenus was a Toreador Embraced in the 1st Century CE. He was a ghoul for several decades, before finally being granted the gift by his sire, Iolanthe. He was known to be a scholar, particularly enjoying the areas of language and philosophy. As a member of Michael's line, Marcus enjoyed a great deal of luxury and freedom in Constantinople. However, following Michael's death in 1204, his fortunes took a turn for the worst. He barely managed to escape the city, as several of his fellow Toreador died in the fighting.

Michael was more to his line than just their progenitor; he was their Muse, their inspiration, and in many ways receiving his adoration and approval had become their very purpose for existing. After the death of his Great Grand-Sire, he fell into a great depression. Had it not been for the few allies that remained to him, he would likely have either walked out into the sunlight or succumbed to his Beast. Instead, he went into seclusion for several hundred years. As time went on, his mind healed itself... in a fashion.

When he emerged, he was a different creature. Every bit the same to outward appearances, but unsettling in demeanor nonetheless. In his seclusion, he had delved into study; his mind desperately reaching out to clutch on to something familiar to it, to keep from shattering. It was in that fervent, rabid, study that he found the answers he sought. In freeing himself from ever again being subject to the pain his emotions had made him susceptible to, he had shed his humanity entirely.

In the years since he has alternated between long periods of seclusion in study, and brief periods of emerging into kindred society to engage with his kind. It seems that he has not managed to divest himself of the need to be around others of his kind, at least for a time. He rarely speaks of the old days any longer, but sometimes bits and pieces can be coaxed from him. The past couple hundred years have seen him fashion himself as a facilitator for others; helping them achieve the desires that he says he no longer feels. But, perhaps his old emotions are not quite as dead as he believes.


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