Marcus Wilson

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Marcus Wilson
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Domain: Atlanta, GA
Player: Phil Wallace
VST: Atlanta VST

Name:Marcus Wilson

Everyone needs to make a living, even in Kindred society, and Marcus is no different. Given the innate powers of Clan Gangrel and their penchant for survival, he quickly learned to turn those powers into fighting for those who would pay him, though not all Kindred are charged the same. All the boons in the world aren’t worth crossing some lines…

The Beast revels in pain and suffering, and being a mercenary invites indulgence in both. Yet Marcus fears feeding the Beast, lest it drag him further and further down the hole into becoming more animalistic and seeks to keep those who will support him close.

“I never wanted this: the backstabbing, the petty politics, the false friends and allies. I thought I was being given an opportunity to be better than I was. I saw the world crumbling around me and wanted to change it. Now? Sometimes I wish I’d just died instead.”

Further Information
Notable Traits
  • Wolf eyes

Marcus was average in life. He was born to farmer parents, received a minimal education, and led a simple life. While built like a farmer, he wasn’t particularly strong or martially inclined. Ultimately, he just wanted to bring something positive to the world, thus how he became involved in helping slaves escape north. After his Embrace, he discovered the frightening power and malevolence of the Beast, fervently rejecting it at every turn

  • Some Guy, that I knew once, cuz reasons
  • What have you heard?
Out of Character