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Character Information -- Player information is here

Name: Mardöll

Clan: Assamite

Lineage: Poetry in Motion

Caste: Vizier

Status: Neonate


Allies, Mentors, and Enemies


Poetry in Motion

  • Sire: Ana, deceased
  • Childer: None

Bragging Rights

  • Released from her accounting in 2017


  • Really wants to be a mage. Poor little thing.
  • Her sire is dead, so she sees another as her adopted sire
  • Even if you can't see her, she's probably there watching.
  • Is she really all right in the head? Are sure she's not a Malkavian?


  • "Two lives, two souls. Met, parted, then met again. Our fates dance together in an endless melody." - Ailis Cárthach
  • "Where did the littlest Assamite go?" ~ Multiple kindred in Atlanta
  • "Please add one!" - Name

Her Words