Maria Sandoza

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Maria Sandoza

  • Alternative Names:
  • Embrace date: unknown
  • Generation: 7th
  • Clan: Lasombra
  • Sire: Ambrosio Luis Moncada
  • Sect Affiliation: Sabbat
  • Current Location: Mexico City
  • ST Point of Contact: AANST Sabbat
Maria Sandoza.JPG

General Information

  • Grand Inquisitor of the Sword of Caine
  • Pack: Scions of the Unknown
  • Path: Honorable Accord
  • Faction: Ultra Conservative

Titles and Accolades

  • Grand Inquisitor

Known Childer

Past Locations

Privileged Information

Sabbat Lore:

  • In 1970 she was the sole survivor of a great battle against a corrupted Black Hand cell in El Paso, Texas.
  • The episode became famous as the El Paso Massacre, an epic confrontation in which former Grand Inquisitor Julian met his Final Death fighting his own mentor.
  • Three years later she took the Julian's vacant position.


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