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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Mariana

Notable Traits:

Court: Shadow

Kith: Sidhe

Title: Queen

House: Ailil

Her Life

Probably the Garou who knew her best was the late Ard Righ Bron Mac Fionn of the Fianna. But it seems that the Elder Fianna Aiden D'Arcy may also be a relative of the late queen.

Her Legacy

She arranged the betrothal and wedding of her daughter Siobhán Ní Chorráin to Brevalaer Menguy Kergoat, the Kinfolk adopted ninth son of the Fianna Ard Righ Bron Mac Fionn. Of course, she meant the whole affair to be a mass sacrifice of the Seelie, Garou, and various other Gaian shifters to a terrible fate in Malfeas. But what happened that day brought the Seelie Court and the Gaian shifters together in alliance for the battles of Winter.


  • She was the lover of Bron Mac Fionn of the Fianna.
  • She betrayed Bron, the Fianna, the Garou, the Seelie Court, and even her own daughter Siobhán Ní Chorráin by trying to sacrifice them all at the First Spire wedding.
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OOC Information

Storyteller: ANST Apocalypse

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