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A quien dios ama, le llama...
Whom the gods love die young...


Mariana is a Kindred of Mexican descent, who appears to be in her late 20's or early thirties. She favors white clothing (dresses, pants suits, skirts) for her attire. She is often seen wearing sunglasses. This could be to help prevent direct eye contact with others, or to hide a personal flaw. Mariana is also a stickler for decorum. In public she is as polite as any Ventrue and as educated as any Scholar. Her Spanish accent is prevalent, only due to the fact that English is not her first language, nor is it the language that she speaks every night in her non-courtly dealings. She is fond of stating that wars happen when emissaries of peace fail.

Status & Standing

Current standing within the Independent Alliance

* Accredited as a Member of the Independent Alliance
* Venerated Emissary to the Court of Phoenix
* Established Emissary to the Court of Phoenix

Time Line

1800 - Born in Mexico City, Mexico
1812 - Manifested affinity for the restless dead. Sent to meet Xolotl.
1818 - Married to Juan Julio Toetl
1822 - Widowed and granted Proxy Kiss for performing her duty to Family.
1823 - Sent to America to serve under Gaetano Giovanni. Spent the next 60 years learning how to be an Emissary.
1884 - April 4 - Offered the Embrace
1885 - Sent to Arizona to form a hold for the Family in the burgeoning City of Phoenix
1901 - Assisted in negotiations to create an uneasy peace between the Lupines and Kindred of the area
1910 - Named Emissary to Phoenix
1969 - Instrumental in forming Chicanos por la Causa
1974 - Influenced Gubernatorial Elections to elect first Mexican Governor of Arizona
Present - Serves as Emissary to the Tower Praxis of Phoenix


Rumors, lies and half truths

* She had another Childer once. She did not approve of his choices for his Childer's names. She killed him for his affront.
* She didn't really kill him. She blood bound him and Dominated him into believing his name was "Tito the pool boy"
* She didn't Dominate him. She staked him and stuffed him into the trunk of a T-bird and dumped the T-bird into a vat of cement.
* With some assistance from The Conductor, she arranged for a locomotive to jump its tracks and destroy a group of werewolves during the War of Blood and Iron.
* She has a very close relationship with ancient Luminary Elder Assamite Vizier -- Rumi
* She is known to be in the company of The Conductor at Court affairs
* She greased palms to help the current Prince of Phoenix obtain his seat.
* Her palm was greased to stay out of the Praxis discussions.... with anyone.
* She loves Tequila
* She is a passionate dancer
* She hosts a monthly poker game. Loremasters Only.
* She has a love for Lucha Underground
* Mariana used to belong to The Conductor, in what fashion, no one really knows; but their relationship changed when an Elder Giovanni moved into the City
* Mariana carries a torch for someone in the Tower. She will never declare who it is
* Mariana is a widow and refuses to take another husband. Much to the chagrin of the Family
* While it has been heard that she hates Eddie Starr after he stood her up on their date, she still has a thing for the rock star, secretly having a poster of him in her home.
* Her real intention is to make Eddie Starr like her, so that she can eventually hurt him like he hurt her.
* ???


Insert your quote here!

* "She's a sweetheart with a mind of, that isn't an insult. Look up female hyenas in the animal kingdom. She knows what's hers and you do not fuck with that." - Vincent Giovanni
*"The Conductor? For more than a hundred years he has been my counterpart across a long table upon which lay a map with a hundred armies and a myriad of battle lines. Sometimes we are partners. Sometimes we are combatants. But we each understand the importance of the other. Ours is a union mired deeply in politics, littered with sorrows, and hi-lighted with secret moments that are entirely our own. Do not come between us, for there you will find only your own demise"
* "In my mortal youth, a companion and I, starving, stole a smoked ham from a vendor. We then proceeded to argue the fate of the ham in a fetid alleyway before coming to blows. When we returned, bloody and still starving, to sanity, we saw the pack of dogs that had stolen our ham running off into the night. I told this story to Miss Giovanni the first evening I met her, and she understood wordlessly. We work exceedingly well together." - The Conductor
* "We share a relationship unlike many between two women. Complex, complicated, and cryptic." - Aranea Kensington

New Years

Did we spend a New Year's Eve together? What happened?

* 1885
* 1944 -Gunnvaldr Graysson
* 2016 - -Eddie Starr Stood me up, after buttering me up for months. "Double booked" the night. At least he paid me for the insult



  • Luna Giovanni (5th gen)
    • Xolotl Pisanob(6th gen)
      • Azlan Toetl - Don Angel De La Muerte (7th gen)
        • Cipactli Yaotl - Pisnob (Packy) (8th gen)
          • Marcus Pisanob - Putanesca (9th gen)
          • Lucas Pisanob (9th gen)
            • Sebastien Teotl_Pisanob (10th gen)
              • Ricardo Rodriguez Pisanob (11th gen)
              • Marina Teotl- Pisanob (11th gen)
          • Miztli ʺKittyʺ Pisanob Cuoronero (9th gen)
            • Sofia Fantasia Giovanni(10th gen)
              • Allegra Giovanni(11th gen)

      • Azlan Toetl - Don Angel De La Muerte (7th gen)
        • Mariana Sofia Veronica Toetl-Giovanni (8th - self)
          • Donald Rothstein (9th gen)
          • Anthony "Tony" Putanesca-Pisanob (9th gen)
            • Jimmy Putanesca (10th)
              • Daniel Webster Milliner (11th)
              • Dolly Madison Milliner (11th)
              • Samuel Adams Milliner (11th)

Character Inspirations

These are characters from various movies and books

* Teresa Mendoza - Queen of the South
* Persephone - The Matrix
* Veronica Franco - Dangerous Beauty

Cl gio white.png

Cl gio white.png


Sect: Independent Alliance
Clan: Giovanni
Family: Pisanob
Position: Emissary
Sire: Azlan Teotl
Generation 8th
Lineage: Unknown
Bloodline: N/A

OOC Information

Player: Charmain Hopkins
Email: Email Me
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Storyteller: Bryan Himebaugh
Contact: DMH C/A VST

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