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"I wish, as well as everybody else, to be perfectly happy; but, like everybody else, it must be in my own way." —Elinor Dashwood, Sense And Sensibility

Commonly Known Information

Name: Marianne Dashwood
Society: Anarch
Position: Ambassador
Clan: Brujah
Current Status: Committed, Loyal, Established, Guardian

"Marianne, who had the knack of finding her way in every house to the library, however it might be avoided by the family in general, soon procured herself a book." —Jane Austen, Sense And Sensibility

Marianne Dashwood (not her given name) was ghouled by Clan Tremere in 1936. She ended up a casualty of the Second Anarch Revolt that erupted in December of 1944, embraced by the Brujah who killed her. For years she wandered the continental United States, hanging around with Anarchs but not a true member of any sect. She joined the Camarilla in 2007.

In 2017 she finally moved back to LA (where she was originally from). There she quickly rose in ascendancy in the local Camarilla domain, becoming Sheriff in a few short months. In 2018, after being a member of the Camarilla for 10 years she left, citing irreconcilable philosophical and ethical differences. She finally became the Anarch she was embraced to be although she took the long way around.

In 2019 she moved from LA to San Diego, saying she wished to be closer to her Brujah family members.

  • Known to be passionately opposed to killing people. She is believed to be a pacifist in general.
  • Is a Hufflepuff is her wardrobe choices are anything to go by.
  • Lover of books and libraries.
  • Known to be downright friendly with most Tremere
  • Intensely dislikes members of her Clan that she considers stupid.

"And books! ... She would buy them all over and over again: she would buy up every copy, I believe, to prevent their falling into unworthy hands." —Edward Ferrars, Sense And Sensibility


  • When asked by the LA Anarchs who she would choose if she were forced, her Clan or her Sect, she replied "Clan"
  • Is fully enthralled to James Miller, Tremere Harpy of LA.
  • Sings Metallica incredibly well.
    • And Shakira, too.
  • Refuses to be bound to anyone and will not taste vampiric vitae
  • Marianne was Theo Bell's inspiration to leave the Tower.
  • Only says she's an avid reader to seem worldly.
  • Mother's Day bothers her.
  • Wrote poetry to submit to Linkin Park to inspire them.
  • She discovers kindred by hitting them with her car
  • She disappeared for a week after the Nosferatu insisted she go on vacation with them.
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  • "Marianne saw hypocrisy in the Tower and she showed it the door. When it refused to take its leave, she took hers." - Darrow Westholme
  • "Instead of facing her problems she flocks to the hypocrites and the immature. But that's what traitors do, they run." Elika Rezaee
  • "I appreciate her passion and willingness to stand up for what she believes is right. I just wish someone had told her the truth." Lorena Silva
  • "Her only failings can be blamed on those who raised her among us, but all her strengths, I believe, were there before she found our kind." - Leon Harris
  • "She's young. I see great potential in her - she's in many ways a self-made woman, and I look forward to seeing what she'll be come in time. - Alenzia Komnenos
  • "The 'sister' I never knew I had, but to stand by your convictions is one thing, to change them after they're proven wrong to you takes courage. She is one of the bravest in my family, though I disagree with her on a number of things." - Vic
  • "Isn't she just the most adorable little thing... She plays at being so fierce but she can't successfully look me in the eye without either shrinking or doing that amusing Brujah war strut." - Serafino Morreti
  • "Austen may be a bit...romantic for my tastes so, while it's no surprise that the Camarilla didn't suit her sensibilities, where better for an idealist than the Movement?" - Quincy Jones
  • "Marianne is a good friend and someone I would trust implicitly, even when joining the Anarchs. She will always have my counsel and vice-versa." - Doctor Conner Villanueva-93
  • "It takes courage to stand by your convictions, even when they're wrong." - Vic
  • "Ain't been a person as dedicated to anything as Marianne is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge." - Shepherd
  • "Yep, touch our sister and they will discover your ashes weeks later in alligator shit." - Bashar Dukat,Unaligned Nosferatu
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