Marianne Kabeiroi

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"Within the fire, I find salvation. The forge may have caused my damnation, but with it, I will breathe life into my creations."
- Marianne


Domain: Columbus, GA
Player: Cassie Fields (US2018020089
VST: Nicholas Dockery; Columbus VST

  • Character is still going through approvals!

C'mon, Marianne.
Name:Marianne Kabeiroi (born Unknown)

  • Committed Anarch

The Past

Not much is known about Marianne during her mortal years, and she claims not to remember (insert "Amensia" flaw here). It isn't all that it is caught up to be, being embraced only to be abandoned shortly after. That's about as much as anyone knows in that regard.


The Now?

Nowadays she is is a "Committed" member of the Anarch movement, learning their ways after being on the outskirts for a long while.

She's a survivor that maneuvers her way around Kindred by offering her means, and would probably become Autarkis if it weren't for the fact that she likes currency.. And the few friends she has. Sketch keeps her coming around; especially since she's one of the few that can get Marianne to come out of her hole (aka the Forge).

When dealing with Marianne, it's best to remember that she likes her business and not much else. Her art is all she knows; and all she cares to know.

Say you'll understand, oh I know you can.
Notable Traits
  • Eerie Presence; Hands stained with ash and obsidian from the forge.
  • Eerie Presence; Eyes tear gold when crafting.
  • Perpetually tired
  • Cursed
  • Can conjure objects, is versed in rituals and Thaumaturgy.
  • Almost always listening to old heavy metal.
  • Can craft Absent Sway items, for a price, babe. Can give bonuses to some things, too and it'll cost you.
  • Don't let them discover I'm just three raccoons in a leather jacket, alright?

    "Figuring it out, kay?" Want connections? 1850's and on!
Whatcha lookin' at?
  • Etch A Sketch, Partner in crime. "My guinea-pig for creations. Last time I created a pair of wings, she jumped off my car. Hadn't ever seen a vampire fly before. -insert snicker here-"

  • I heard she got "Cursed" for giving bad head to a roadside carnie.
  • She knows how to makes some great stuff. However, you piss her off and it bites seen that book with teeth? Yeah, she would make that kind of crap!
"I conjure, I bleed, I survive."
- Marianne
"My reason for living."
Examples of Art
  • Based off Hephaestus from Greek Myth.
  • Based off old heavy metal songs I listened to.
  • Plus song names! Literally she's inspired by all the music I listened to while making this character.
  • Her aesthetic is cigarettes, leather jackets and molten gold.
  • She's a rebel that just wants to craft and nap so she can dream of the sun. It's gold, like the forge.
"Cast me down; you will never break my hands."
- Marianne