Marilyn Butler

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Character Information
Auspice: Cahalith
Tribe: Imnir/Storm Lords
Honorary Spirit Rank:
Honor: ••
Location: New Zealand
Pack: Silver Horde
Player: Allison
Storyteller: David Musgrove

Commonly Known Information

Name: Marilyn Butler

Notable Traits:
Striking Looks 2 - notable Ivory Claw breeding


Born to a family of Ivory Claws just outside Wellington New Zealand, she was at college when the Icarus event struck. She found her home farm, which had previously held a dozen wolfblooded families, empty. She kept the place as well as she could. Eventually, she was invited to the compact. The Forsaken first recognised her as Wolfblooded, and chose to watch over her. It took them some time to work out her heritage, and that caused some friction, which only increased when she suddenly first changed. With no Pure around to prevent Luna's infection, she was made a Cahalith. Challenged to move away to join the Pure or walk with the pack, she chose the latter. Soon after, she began a relationship with a pack member, Gareth. They were married in a small, private ceremony soon after. Soon after her wedding, she answered a summon by Skolis-Ur, and set out up a mountain range, alone, in mid winter. After the dangerous assent, in the face of snowstorms, avalanches and falling trees, she earned her place in the Iminir, at the hands of the Firstborn himself. She still struggles with reconciling her choices with her past, but she is a devoted and loyal pack member.



  • "A brave soldier, a fast learner, a complete pain in my ass." - Temujin
  • "I think what happened with, um, her family was f-for the best. N-not the sad parts! I mean, that she didn't, um, join- s-sorry, all of this sounds really bad, and I should p-probably stop. She's doing well, and it was really nice teaching her." - Spindle


  • Baby Wolf
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Deeds of Renown

  • Marilyn was chosen by Luna to bear the Auspice of Cahalith.
  • She has consistently worked to respect her heritage.
  • Marilyn was brought into the Storm Lords by Winter Wolf (Skollis-Ur) in person.
  • Wisely recognised her auspice, and the Forsaken pack around her at the point of her change and chose to join them.
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OOC Information

Player: Allison Pell WT2016030002

Player Email:

Storyteller: David Musgrove

Storyteller Email:

Location: Wellington and Christchurch, New Zealand