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All generous minds have a horror of what are commonly called 'Facts'. They are the brute beasts of the intellectual domain.

Thomas Hobbes

Influences that made the Dragon

Flight of Dragons (The Movie)
Draco (Dragonheart)
The Flaming Rhino (Last Accord Chronicle.)

Key Facts

  • Known to all
    • Mario is a Nomad, if he didn't work at Justin's he would be on the street.
    • ... he is an American, Seems like he may have come from the south rolling hills.
    • ... Mario looks like a Giant that seems to have a genetic deformity making him so.
  • Known to supernaturals
    • Mario is a Beast, specifically a Giant (Anakim)
    • ... he was in the First Prohibition, and knows how to make Moonshine
    • ... He won't join the compact, he doesn't seem to like it for a certain reason. Oddly enough he keeps peace between others.
    • ... He works at Justin's. He remains a brewer/cook/accountant in the back. If someone tries to hurt another in the main area he comes out of his "cave" To make people behave if that doesn't work he pushes them through intimidation or physical force outside to resolve the dispute.
  • Known to other Beasts
    • Mario is a Tyrant (Hunger for Knowledge)
    • ... Claims that all people come from one origin (which many people laugh at).

Notable Traits

  • Looming Presence 11
  • Advanced Giant (7ft tall)
  • Epic Iron Skin (Skin looks Leathery)
  • (Beasts only) Mario is a Black Dragon with Molten Eyes.


Human: Mario Marzilli just looks like he is inhuman. He is hard to hide and people just avoid the giant. The Man is 7 Feet tall and a wall of Muscle. Though As he walks just naturally he seems like he should be 15 feet tall and able to block a Frieght train. His skin is grey in certain states it may seem like he has scales on his skin which could be tattoos or most probably not. If someone has an inkling of the supernatural Mario IS not human.

Beast: Mario doesn't hide. The thing looks like a large black dragon with molten orange eyes and a bit of smoke coming from his lips. Normally he seems like a relaxed predator as he gets more hungry he gets more ferocious and territorial.




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