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Character Information

Name: Maris Bell
Clan: Assamite Vizier
Born: Unknown
Embraced: Prior to 1968
Social Class: Ancilla
Lineage: Unknown
Known Childer: David O’Grady (NPC)
Notable interests: Professional Chef
Noticeable traits: Dresses in eclectic East and South Asian clothing
Personal Masquerade

Sect Status: Confirmed as an Ancilla
Enforcer by Prince Milton Maximillion
Favored by Assamite Elder Rumi
Acclaimed by Archon Gilbert de Harfleur
Loyal by Justicar Dona Manuela Bolivar
Triumphant in executing a Bloodhunted diablarist

Information Known by Kindred Society

Maris Bell appeared in Kansas City in 1999 and opened a restaurant. The theme of her restaurant changes every four or five years as she remains in fierce competition with the local Toreador chef Jesse Faulkner Callaghan III. Her current restaurant is an Asian Fusion Grill.

She worked as an independent boon skip tracer and bounty hunter for the Tower, searching for the legion of newly missing kindred (and their debt) on behalf of creditors. She joined the Tower once the Assamite Schismatics were invited as a pillar clan.

Maris was awarded personal domain in North Kansas City by winning a contest of providing the most rumors during a Symbel sponsored by the Elder Prince Sasha Bennett.

In May 2018, Maris Bell fulfilled Prince Sasha Bennett’s Bloodhunt of the serial diablarist known as Afar.

At the 2018 Founder’s Ball, she was on the arm of Brujah Elder Zavis Vasiliski for much of the evening.

General Timeline

  • 1999 - Arrives in Kansas City, Missouri
  • 2004? - Joins the Ivory Tower
  • 2010 - Relocates to North Kansas City after the Battle of Paseo Bridge
  • 2013 - Present at the signing of the Peace Treaty between the Tower of Omaha and the Anarchs of Council Bluffs
  • 2017 - Awarded personal domain by Prince Sasha Bennett
  • 2018 - Becomes Primogen of North Kansas City




  • Maris is a Toreador
  • She doesn’t talk much, but she does a lot of listening
  • She’s involved in the local drug trade
  • Her restaurant is a front for underworld deals
  • She is being hunted by the Mountain
  • Maris Bell doesn’t discuss her past
  • Her most popular menu item is made solely by Maris Bell and she refuses to share the secret recipe with her staff.
  • Known as a Neonate prior to Founder’s Ball of 2018 where she was announced as an Ancilla by the attending Archon.
  • In the past year, Maris received the Favor of numerous elders, including David de Martinez, Jean LeBeau, Zavis Vasiliski, Rumi, and Maciek Albescu
  • Is the inspiration for Geena Davis's character in "The Long Kiss Goodnight".
    • Because 'chefs do that'.
  • Secretly the sire of Jesse Faulkner Callaghan III.


  • "She is hot then cold, young and old. First you’re in, then you’re out. She is just plain confusing." - Krieger “the Golem” Sauer
  • "Intelligence and charm not withstanding, her bouillabaisse is outstanding. Though it is her company that would keep them on a string." - Jean LeBeau
  • "If you are dealing with Maris Bell, keep your wits about you while in her presence, as intoxicating as she is, she's still an Assamite and a quite capable one at that." - Clyde Hudson
  • "The cunning of an owl and a natural hunter like that of a lion; I feel sorry for anyone she deems prey." - Elika Rezaee
  • "Never grieve. Anything you lose comes 'round in another form." - Rumi
  • "She and I had a passing political conflict, but I harbor her no ill will. I hope that her search for her cousin's murderer goes well, and justice is served." - Sir Koskinen
  • "Maris? She's watchful and quiet. Exactly the type that people warn you about. " - Devlin Archer
  • "A remarkable young Kindred and a credit to her Clan, demonstrating with ease and artistry what they bring to the table. I am unshocked that she was chosen to serve. Let us see what lies in this one's future, and how it predicts the future of the Tower itself." - Aodhan the Druid
  • "They're the Jump Street and 'bout to jump up in your ass." - Jimmy Kincaid
  • "The soul knows no boundary drawn on a map. It leads and takes the flesh with it." - Skoll
  • "Quote." - Your name


OOC Information

Player: Melissa E.

MES Number: US2002021504

Storyteller: Bryan Ellis

Storyteller Email:

Location: North Kansas City, MO