Marius Copernicus

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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Marius Copernicus

Notable Traits: Has a scar over his left eye which is notably glass

Pack: Tuatha De Danann

Sept: The Sept of New Dawns


A spider of the nation, Marius was quite content to stay out of the way of the local Sept so long as they stayed out of his, that changed when Pentex took a liking to his company, the Copernicus Group and through a hostile take over managed to seize a majority of his company from underneath him. He barely got out with his resources and a small shell of a company left behind.

Forced into working with the Sept he formed a motley pack of Fera, and now has to deal with a pack that's him, three Ragabash, a Theurge, and a Galliard (that might as well be a Ragabash).


Attractive enough, the easily most noticeable thing about him is the large scar running over his left eye, which is also a glass eye. No one knows exactly how he got that scar as the only explanation he's ever given is, "I had an accident before my first shift."

Often dresses in a business relaxed style (polo, jeans, and sneakers) when asked why his response is, "Because I run a large company, I need to look somewhat presentable- at the same time I'm around you Garou constantly and I'd rather not ruin a nice suit."


  • "Fucking Garou..." - Under his breath anytime a fucking Garou does something, which is far too often.
  • "Cub's asleep." - When the Cub fell asleep in the middle of a fight.
  • "He's a good leader and I am proud to follow him, even if we don't agree on everything. I mean, yes, he's a sociopath, but he's our sociopath. " - River "Sings in Defiance" Forsythe
  • "Marius is the epitome of a good friend because he will always tell you how it is and literally does not care if you hate him for it." - Amber Lauren
  • "I think I have his credit card still..." Alexander Morningkill
  • "He's what? Oh fuck. For the record, I could not prevent his house getting knocked over! It was not my fault!" - Brandy


  • He set his company up to be taken over by Pentex, he set up undercover operatives within the company and is planning to pull them out soon.
  • Makes the best Snickerdoodles.
  • Doesn't like red jellybeans.
  • Would rather be sticky.
  • "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" is actually about his great, great grandfather, Reginald Copernicus, who was completing a delicate espionage mission upon some formori when a very mysterious downpour began.
  • Once ate a spider on a dare.
  • Invented Yogates (Yoga + Pilates).
  • Enjoys rollercoasters.
  • "Nights in White Satin" is his favorite song.
  • Hates toast.
  • Hates marmalade.
  • Likes "Lady Marmalade," but the original version.
  • Looks stunning in the color peach.
  • Loves red jellybeans!
  • Is a huge fan of Les Miserables.
  • Practices Feng Shui. His house is very energetically flowy.
  • Thinks the kinfolk might be the most sane of the Nation.
    • Besides the Queen, of course.
      • What Queen? How dare you.

OOC Information

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