Marko Kazamir

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"See, madness, as you know, is like gravity: all it takes is a little push!"


Name: Marko Kazamir
Clan: Nosferatu
Sire: Unknown
Lineage: House ViorBrenna
Society: Unaligned
Notable Traits: Quite Bestial, Impossibly Strong


Marko's Real Appearance
Beast form without Mask of a Thousand Faces

Birth: 12th of November, 1975.
Embrace: 13th of April, 2005.

Raven Form

Quotes and Rumors

This beastly Nosferatu couldn't hope to pass as human without obfuscate..
Torpored a Kindred claiming to be Archon in Houston, with Tooth his clutch mate for a Minor boon.
Rumor here.

"The beast within can be worn upon the flesh." - Marko Kazamir
Guttural growls, words, a few things that can hardly be made out other than "LUTCH ATE" is heard - Tooth
"Quote." - Name
"Quote." - Name

"Twelve dreams for the Red Queen under crown of stone."
"Eight voracious beasts born of eight restless nights."
"Four nails piercing the flesh of sinner."
"One Prayer for the summoned called by this song."
"'Tis perhaps the countdown for oblivion for the once proud city of London. 'Tis perchance her inhabitance last dance, alone to face death and pestilence. Confronted by the eerie and the unknown, mortals become desperate for answers. A flocks flight makes for an ill omen, the falling of a star a dire presage. Turning to priests for interpretation when there was no reason to be found. When religion failed men turned to science. I saw them build such vain cities, crafting machines made for endless war. New Questions flourished as old Answers withered."
"What is darkness but lurking Sun?"
"What is wall but enslaved stone?"
"What is glass but tortured sand?"
"What is song but a call to arms?"
"What is hate but jilted love?"
"What is life but death pending?"


Play List
Butcher Pete
Joker's Song
Them Bones

Player Info
Player: Kane G.
Player Email:
Storyteller: Nancy D.
Storyteller Email:
Location: San Antonio, Texas