Markos Spiros

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Markos 'Moonfire' Spiros



Name: Markos Spiros
Aliases: Mark, Kos, Spiro
Rank: Fostern
Deed Name: Moonfire
Age: 20
Current Location: San Diego, CA
Sept: The Sept of New Dawns


Homid Form: In his Homid form, Markos is an attractive young man with some greek features. A well built slim body, with brown hair almost always made to be stylish. Markos regularly has a wary expression on his face, like he seems to notice almost anything going on around him, only let down during celebrations at the sept. (Appearance Focus)

Glabro Form: Never seen in public, is it because it's deformed or because he's just as good at battle in homid as in glabro?

Crinos Form: Not often seen Marko’s war form is a black furred lithe form. Since Markos usually goes into battle in his Homid form, the form is almost exclusively used for rituals and formal events.

Hispo Form: A giant wolf covered in the same black fur that covers his Crinos and Lupus forms.

Lupus Form: In Lupus, Markos’s wolf form he is lean and strong, covered in that thick black fur his tribe is known for. His eyes are still the brown they are in human forms.

Aleks Black Fury.png

Aleks Homid.png

Apoc PC

Player: Janya Levin
Auspice: Ahroun
Breed: Homid
Tribe: Black Furies
Faction: Concordant of Stars
Domain: San Diego (CA-057-D)

Character Information


A rather reserved person amongst strangers, Markos is actually surprisingly forceful if made to defend his beliefs. Surprisingly for his tribe, he defected to the Concordant of Stars and is an avid tech geek and a gun fanboy. He’s also a major fan of 80s action movies and loves making one liners during battle. He is surprisingly overarmed for most conflicts with the Wyrm, having at least 5 or so weapons on him. To his pack and friends, Markos shows off a much more laid back and playful side.


Markos was born in Maine in 1998 to a Black Fury kinfolk family. None of his family had bred true within 3 generations, so it came as a shock when Markos was the one to change instead of his four sisters. A spree killer had broken into the family home while most of the older individuals were out, and Markos intervened to protect his younger sisters and nearly died before his first change. With the change in the culture within the Black Fury Tribe, he was allowed to prove that he had the heart capable of truly taking on the mantle of pegasus and was allowed entry into the tribe.


  • 1998 - December 31st: Born in Bangor, Maine.
  • 2008 through 2010 - The family flees from the Dark Brigade's forces, hiding out with Garou cousins while the brigade's forces attack the world.
  • 2012 – Markos undergoes his first change while saving his sisters from an attack by a mass murder.
  • 2013 - Shortly after completing his rite of passage, Markos defects from the Sanctum of Gaia to the Concordat of Stars.
  • 2015 – Markos as a cliath goes to hunt down branch of Pentex that was responsible for creating said mass murderer in some experiment and is nearly killed.
  • 2017 – Makes Fostern before leaving for San Diego after being disgusted with home sept’s treatment of Fera.


  • He's seen too many Schwarzenegger movies to be healthy, he's even doing the one liners!
  • Made a wish on a Monkey Paw to become a garou, that's why he's cursed to not be able to use his Glabro form.
  • Actually thinks he's in an 80s action flick.


  • "Strong of will and conviction, and unafraid to speak his mind - I have a lot of respect for Markos. I'll fight by his side any day." - Sings in Defiance

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