Markus Schulze

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"What has happened before will happen again.
What has been done before will be done again.
There is nothing new in the whole world."
- Ecclesiastes 1:9

Commonly Known Information

Name: Markus Schulze

Sect: Anarch Movement

Clan: Malkavian

House: Member of House Isharu

Gang: The Book Club


Reading the signs of the heavens in chicken entrails and the cracked shoulder blades of a polyorchid bull born under the light of the full moon is all well and good, but without knowing the history of what has come before, how can you possibly interpret your signs correctly? Enter Markus – a loremaster and linguist who (so it is rumored) to have fragments of prophetic texts from all over the world – both kine and Kindred. For the right price, he might give you access to his extensive library – and his peerless intellect (and unique ties) might give you the push you need to correctly interpret your vision. If he doesn’t have what you need, odds are he’ll be able to find it…for the right price. Markus is rarely without a quote of some historical event that pertains to the current situation at hand.


  • He was a monk at some point in the past...
  • He believes that all religions are ultimately the Truth...the trick is in synthesizing them all...
  • He pulled a Giovanni's ass out of (literal) hellfire...
  • He left the Ivory Tower in a huff after the Week of Nightmares...

OOC Information

Player: Mike Torrey

Player Email:

Storyteller: Connor Hoskins

Storyteller Email:

Location: Denver, CO