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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Marceline "Mars" Leonidas

Notable Traits: Brash, quick-tempered, tattooed

Pack: Redemption

Sept: Sept of the Burning Heart


Lo! Behold!
Born on the first full moon of ninety-hundred ninety two
came the girl-child of
Matthieu of House Leonidas, and his wife
Keira of House Roberson;
deeded as Marceline,
the child was watched to see
if she inherited her grandmother’s gift.
An idyllic childhood, she blossomed under
keen of eye and strong of body
her destiny would appear in the stars
of the day of American independence
in the year of our Lord two-thousand six
she left girlhood behind.
Bundled with other cubs, she was challenged;
creatures of the Wyrm threatened kinfolk,
and these younglings must stand strong
Through Marceline’s quick thinking,
the younglings survived,
and she was christened Mother’s Fury.
Her star would continue to rise,
her names grow.
Red-fletching she became, after
rendering vampires powerless with keen
bow-work, hand guided
by the great Huntress herself.
When words were thrown from
ear to ear,
echoing like toneless bells,
she stood and eliminated the threat –
therein she became Acta Non Verba,
the actions without narration.
This final challenge mounted, and eventually
took the mentor and guidance of her tribemate,
a Fury brought down by enemy grace and power.
The girl would not falter,
staying upright amongst the hordes,
using claw when quiver went barren;
steadfast she was blessed Stands as Atlas,
and awarded the mantle of alpha.
Now she serves grey-eyed Athena,
caretaker of the Breaker of Chains,
foremost of the Sept of the Burning Heart,
nestled in the western reaches of the great New York,
bulwark against the Wyrm,
foe of the Weaver,
and child of Great Pegasus.


  • Purported descendant of Leonidas I of Sparta.
  • Murdered the previous sept leader in the heat of battle.
  • Charach.

OOC Information

Player: Gabby P.

Player Email: deadbostonsaint AT gmail DOT com

Storyteller: Vin Alexander

Storyteller Email:

Location: Buffalo, NY