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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Martial Law

Pack: Feral Harmonics

Rank: Fostern

Tribe: Shadow Lord

Auspice: Philodox

Society: Concordat of the Stars

Sept: Sept of the Gathering Tide

Notable Traits

  • May be seen using his smart phone or a blue tooth ear piece while still in lupus. It took a while to figure out a touch screen with wolf pads on his fingers.
  • A burn battle scar on his right shoulder.

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Martial Law uses Doom Judge methods for concordat goals. He wants Fera to be seen as equals in the nation so it may grow as a military power. His life as a Garou started with the young Cliath being basically tossed in the deep end with the Battle for the Crescent Moon Sept. When the dust settled he went Fostern and took his experiences to align with the new concordat and it's progressive cause. He acquired his deed name based on his focus on combat and aggressive conservative stance regarding the litany.


Quotes by Martial Law

  • "I don't influence mortals. I'm Martial Law, not Subtle Law."

Quotes about Martial Law

  • "He played Satellite at the Slap Dance Feast at the Sept of the Gathering Tides. Damn good choice for that kind of moot." - Madison Walsh
  • "He is one of the few I know I can ask to address a problem within the Sept, and know it will not end poorly. He controls the field as well as his troops. A general in the making for many of the youth to see in person." - Amasis Sabry
  • "I've never met a Philodox with such a rigid view of... well everything. Philodox are meant to the the mediators of law and the civil side of Garou life. It's supposed to require a nuanced approach to thinking. I mean I THINK he's being serious? I'd expect it from a Get or hell an Ahroun but dude how do you function in life? I mean really only a lupus could get by thinking the world is that simple or black and white. But he doesn't think Kinfolk are chattel so point in his favor. Also apparently can play guitar. Another point to him." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • "Mmm. Hasn't anyone told him that humans only bring in their own martial law when they're desperate, and it seldom works? Tsk. Really now, you shouldn't let one of your own embarrass himself with a name like that." - 'Spector
    • "Hm, I retract my former opinion. Provisionally."
  • "He is my brother- he understands the necessity of action, and conviction." Delta
  • "True Friend of Rokea" - Shipsinker
  • "I have some high respect for Martial Law. There is nothing anyone could say that will change that opinion. I hope to see him back sooner than later, we need him." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "You can tell he's family by how much trouble we get in together. Best brother Vera could ever have given me." - Jo Fay-Blair, Let the Daylight In


  • Music soothes the savage beast, Martial Law enjoys music during his downtime to calm his rage.


  • 2007 - Born
  • 2009 - First Changed
  • 2010 - Became Cliath and fought in the Battle of Crescent Moon
  • 2012 - Fought alongside Mercutio Tovani, Elder Bastet (Fera Leader)
  • 2015 - Helped create the shared caern of Puerto Rico
  • 2017 - Attended the Concolation and assisted the Warden in eliminating Pentex spying ((Mescon in Austin Texas))
  • 2017 - Murdered the Sept Leader of Wales for violating the Litany and using his sept leader powers to put himself above the Litany.
  • Nov 2017 - Honorably submitted himself for the crime of murder. Sentenced to the Satire Rite and to travel to Erebus
  • Dec 2017 - Swimming in Erebus.


Martial Law

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  • Arishok from Dragon Age 2
  • The Punisher from Marvel Comics

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