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There are more competent people in the world than this situation shows, I'm sure.


Seneschal of Montreal under Prince Thaddeus Moreau
Former Primogen of Clan Toreador under Prince Thaddeus Moreau of Montreal
Named Loyal by Prince Thaddeus Moreau of Montreal
Named Courteous by Royale Harpy Elder Frederick Rex Reinhardt
Named Honorable by Harpy Simon Walker
Named Victorious by Fitzpatrick McCorrigan
Sanctioned by Prince Thaddeus Moreau of Montreal

Known Collaborators

Thaddeus Moreau, Prince of Montreal
Giles Blackett, Ishtarri, Servier
Sebastiano Giovanni, Padrone of Canada
Simon Walker, Harpy of Montreal
Anton von Forcade, Lasombra Primogen of Montreal

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"The worthiest books have a beautiful cover. The same is true for people."

Commonly Known Information
Name: Mary Kilian
Notable Traits: Dresses and skirts, always has a rose symbol somewhere, never raises her voice (when she does some shit has truly gone down)
Society: Camarilla
Clan: Toreador

Public History

  • Pre-Embrace:
    • Born in 1680 in Scotland; raised in an English noble house.
    • Embrace: 1710
  • Post-Embrace:
    • Works as a book dealer and restorer
    • Has been at various courts in Great Britain and Europe, especially England
    • Came to Montreal for business
    • Named Primogen almost immediately after arriving to Montreal
    • Seneschal of Montreal as of June 2019

Personality traits

  • Prefers to keep a calm face
  • Bad manners are a sin she always regrets committing
  • Respect to higher stations - if they deserve it
  • Not a fighter
  • Prefers to look at pretty things


  • Dowager Countess of Grantham Violet Crawley
  • Narcissa Malfoy - Harry Potter (admittedly, lots of fanon here)
  • Morticia Adams

Mary Kilian BW.jpeg

Rumors (Please add some!)

  • «IDK what kind of fit one has to put to be barred from an airport, but Mary Kilian did it. It's as they say, it's the quiet ones you have to be mindful of eh.»
  • «Just WHO is that Sarah girl she always hangs out with? Must be pretty special to get the attention of a Torrie, that's for sure.»
  • «You'd think someone who looks refined like her would deal in art pieces and fine wines, but no - rumor has it she dabbles in drugs and other such poisons. Seems like you can't judge a book by it's cover.»
  • "Sleep with one eye open when you have her attention. You can't be sure she's got a hand in the occult, or worse, but there's something menacing behind that facade."
  • «Rumor has it, there's a Setite priest.ess in town who's dead scared of her. There HAS to be a story there.»
  • Apparently she has been gotten more playful, now that she talks in your head.
  • She skipped on the Ambassador's ball in Fredericton, because the Sabbat scares her.

Quotes about Mary (Please add some here, too!)

  • «You have to be careful around those Toreador types, THEY'RE the real monsters. They can KILL YOU WITH ETIQUETTE!» -Vector Lovelace
  • «If you want to get that done, and get it done right, just go ask Mary Kilian. She's damn good at what she does. Just let me know in advance so I'm not around, her type creeps me out man. All proper and good, you say one thing wrong and suddenly their prince calls a bloodhunt on you and you have no idea what you did, but you have to run for the rest of your life.» -Vector Lovelace
  • "Kilian? Yeah, inoffensive enough, but a little too concerned with the image of the sect." - Simon Walker
  • "I had reservations about Kilian. Many. Not anymore. Sometimes, a little patience goes a long way in sorting out the chaff from the wheat." - Thaddeus Moreau
  • "She is an excellent contact if you are looking for a rare book, or to have a book restored." - Brenda Bittersea
  • "I'm like totes like not sure what like amusement she thought to like find in like watching...maybe she like enjoyed like Simon being like tortured by like the thing that like makes me lose myself." - Karma
  • "Ms. Kilian is simply a delight to behold. I recommend her company to anyone seeking good conversation. You will not be disappointed." - Sarah Celeste Ashwood
  • "She knows how to be courteous with the blood of Tzimisce. For this she have my respect." - Mx. Pya Obertus
  • "I love flowers and crowns..." - Friedrich Von Bertalanffy


OOC Information
Player: Jelena Maedler
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C@M Number: CA2017071507
VST: Patric Gagner
Domain: Montreal, QC

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