Mary McCullough

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Mary McCullough

Clan: Brujah


White woman, red hair, about 30. Tends to wear black.

Notable Traits

Bullet-holes-png-26.png Leather jacket
Bullet-holes-png-26.png Stompin' boots
Bullet-holes-png-26.png Sweet bike
Bullet-holes-png-26.png Bad attitude
Bullet-holes-png-26.png Strongly opposed to Diablerie

Friends and Associates

Bullet-holes-png-26.pngDez Fury
Bullet-holes-png-26.pngMarianne Dashwood
Bullet-holes-png-26.pngIvory Sharp
Bullet-holes-png-26.pngMaxine Chambers


1952-1952: Mary Frances McCullough is born and baptized in Our Lady Queen of Martyrs parish in Queens, New York.
1984-1984: Embraced as a Brujah in the Camarilla by Dez Fury.
1989-1999: Resenting the restrictions of the Accounting, Mary rebels against her sire and Elders and runs off to join the Anarch Movement.
1999-1999: Mary is in Los Angeles during the rising of the red star.
1999-1999: After all that she witnesses in that city, she hops a train back east as soon as she can, vowing never to return.
2000-2016: With a loose coalition of other Anarchs, Mary travels around the Northeast, never staying very long in any one city.
????-????: Embraces a childe, Gracie, but realizes her inability to guide him and directs him to his grandsire in Los Angeles.
2017-2017: Travels back to southern California at the behest of her sire.
2018-2019: Takes a sabbatical in New York City to belatedly mourn the death of CBGB and the east coast punk scene.
2019-2019: Returns to Orange County to kick some Unblinded Brotherhood ass.

Quotes & Rumors

"Please; I can shoot better than that and I've got ONE FUCKIN EYE!" — Mary
"What a delight! I do hope she finds someone to make some violence on. That woman has eagerness that should be indulged." — Maxine Chambers
Mary is still deeply religious, but seems to think it will get her mistaken for Sabbat if she lets it show.
"Why would you DO that?" — Mary

OOC Information

Player: Christina Eater 
Storyteller: Bryan Poirier 
Location: Wilderness of Mirrors, CA-052-D

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