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  • Embrace date: 10 CE
  • Generation: 7th Generation
  • Clan: Assamite (Sorcerer)
  • Sire: Elodia
  • Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
  • Current Location: Minto City, Canada
  • ST Point of Contact:Canada at Midnight (C@M)
  • ST Point of Contact:AANST Assamite

Physical Description

With Obfuscate, Masego appears as a middle aged Algerian man with long natural hair and dark skin. He keeps up with modern trends and wears fashionable clothes. Without his Obfuscate, Masego is deeply changed by some elder level of Vicissitude that he cannot heal (perhaps due to Dominate). In this form, he has rows of fingers sprouting from his spine, rows of toes running down his legs, and rows of teeth around his neck.

Brief History

As a mortal born around 30 BCE, Masego was a wandering busker throughout Northern Africa. He especially loved the night markets in Fez, Morocco. There used to be a tradition there to bring small gifts to the singers and musicians at the markets. Masego prefered that to singing and dancing for coins. One night he was joined by Tamarind and Elodia, of clan Assamite. They were collecting songs and spells throughout North Africa and fell in with Masego, travelling with him to festivals and night markets all over. They decided that a record should be kept of these occurrences. They agreed to embrace Masego if he would agree to continue as he was, going from festival to festival, and sending reports back to Elodia to be kept in the library at Alamut. The deal was sealed with a kiss.

For two millennia now, Masego has been an itinerant performer and record keeper. He was at burning man, Fiera della Frecagnola, the Three Choirs Festival, the We Are the World tour, and all the rest. His biggest regret was missing Woodstock. At all of these places, he sees the chance to use his sorcery to influence change and perceive new ways to interpret the world.

Embraced by one of the very few Sorcerers that had no grudge against the Schismatics, Masego was happy to abandon the Mountain and its blood thirsty ways. He has forever been on the path of Humanity. His only entrance into the ageless battles of the Kindred has been a Tzimisce that attacked him over a hundred years ago at the Leeds Triennial Musical Festival when Queen Victoria opened the Leeds Town Hall. Masego does not know the name of his attacker or her motivations. He still carries the scars of that attack and is unable or unwilling to heal the things done to him.

Current Status

Masego does now what he's always done. He seeks out new culturally enriching ways to interpret his sorcery. He still sends correspondence to Elodia, but the address has changed. He is an active participant in the Praxidice Council (representing Canada) and seeks new ways for the Schismatics to safely connect and communicate electronically. He is seeking a teacher for the path of technomancy.

Known Childer

  • None known. Although, since leaving the Mountain, Masego is actively looking for new recruits into the sorcerers that have no connections to the stereotypes of the past.


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