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Commonly Known Information

Name: Mason

Notable Traits: Terrible social skills

Type: Mage

Character Type Subgroup: Mastigos

Union: Mercenary Union

Chartered Company: Port Authority


Mason is a thief for hire, a catburgler of excellent skill. She specializes in hard-to-reach items, utilizing a combination of magic and skill to obtain her goal. Truly a thief of repute...just don't try to have a conversation with her. What Mason has in skill she utterly lacks in social graces. She's literal and abrupt, without much interst in small chat (or any apparent skill at it). Because of this, she has others who help negotiate business for her, which is likely how she ended up with the Port Authority. If you can get past the blank stares and awkward demeanor, she's worth hiring.


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  • "Sisters always stick together, even when they are apart." - Maddie


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  • Mason is from an Elite Family in the Core, though you couldn't tell by her manners.
  • Mason sold herself into slavery. Wonder what she did to get out?
    • She totally killed her owner.
    • She bought her freedom.
    • We can't talk about it because it's illegal on several systems.
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OOC Information

Player: Jenn Eiland

Player Email:

Storyteller: Justin Sisson

Storyteller Email:

Pronouns: Mason's pronouns are she/her, though the PC (nor the player) will be offended if your PC believes otherwise.